Princess Mbonambi

Rare Spice

The devil wears red lipstick….She’s the number one spice, she brings flavour to the left and brings flavour to the right! A dealer of devout delicacies, a pioneer of palatable ecstasies. Positivity on steroids. Passion personified. No half hearted efforts. Always up for a challenge and not afraid to speak her mind. Princess runs the Beerhouse […]

Blessing Makuyana

The Sty’Ale’ Maverick

The epitome of style. Unique and creative. Beats to his own drum. Only Blessing can save the world through peace, goodwill and reconciliations, while trendsetting. Believes accounting to be very exciting, only if it is done according to his prescribed formula (Beer + Maths = Accounting)!  

Kerina Chetty

The Indian Pale Ale

A major force to be reckoned with! Don’t let her size fool you. Trust her to always spice things up. Feisty, passionate, optimistic and determined. Has a very contagious bubbly personality. Financial Manager extraordinaire, holder of the purse strings. We can sleep easy knowing that the money is in good hands.  

Andrea Scholtz

HR Warrior

A little crazy, a tad ditzy, a whole lotta soul… Andrea has sailed the rough seas of HR for over 10 years. Having started her career in HR with an industrial catering firm, she was the go-to HR Wizard for a national FMCG retailer; before specializing in recruitment & then partying up a storm with […]

Maurisha Buys

HR Ninja

Beerhouse’s very own HR Ninja. Maurisha began her adventure down the Yellow-Brick HR Road in 2016 resourcing humans in the USA & South Africa. Hitting up the Interstates; Skyways; By-ways & maintaining her proudly South African identity shaped the fabulousness that she is today. Being a passionate people’s person; HR is her 9-5 calling. Anything […]