Murray Slater

Beer Whisperer

A trained hack, self-confessed booze hound and a foot soldier in the craft beer revolution. He has fallen in love with the service industry over the last 12 years, with extensive experience in London and a proven record of providing quality products and service in unique environments. A founding member and part owner Murray has […]

Randolf Jorberg BEERHOUSE founder

Randolf Jorberg

Head dreamer

A veteran to the online marketing industry, German-born Randolf moved to South Africa in 2007 and enjoys the freedom to realize ideas incorporating the best of two worlds ever since. The idea for Beerhouse was born one late night in April 2012 and finally opened its doors on International Beer Day (August 2nd) 2013 on Long […]

+27 79 7301010

Fanent Zimba

Comrade Fanenti

Fanent or otherwise affectionately known as ‘Comrade’ has been with the yellow family from the beginning. He proved himself as a superstar navigator of the beerlovers journey in Beerland and excelled at his job of delivering Africa’s biggest Beer variety to thirsty guests. Comrade has continued to develop and has risen through the ranks to become General […]

Janine Van Wulven

Beerlovers Journey Manager - Events and Customer Value

An old school joke cracking beer swilling purveyor of a house of beer. Tremendous work ethic is finely balanced with intuition. Janine has been with the yellow house for over three years and has developed from a joke-cracking beer swilling bartender into a fine leader who commands respect. As General Manager of Beerhouse on Long […]

Blessing Makuyana

The Sty’Ale’ Maverick

The epitome of style. Unique and creative. Beats to his own drum. Only Blessing can save the world through peace, goodwill and reconciliations, while trendsetting. Believes accounting to be very exciting, only if it is done according to his prescribed formula (Beer + Maths = Accounting)!