Murray Slater

Beer Whisperer

A trained hack, self-confessed booze hound and A foot soldier in the craft beer revolution. He has fallen in love with the service industry over the last 8 years, with extensive experience in London and a proven record of providing quality products and service in unique environments. His favourite style of beer is IPA, a […]

Randolf Jorberg

Head dreamer

A veteran to the German online industry, Randolf first came to Cape Town in 2007 and enjoys the freedom to realise ideas incorporating the best of two worlds ever since. Bored from building yet another online business and excited by his OMClub party where every year 4000+ online marketers get together in Cologne, the idea for Beerhouse was […]

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Fanent Zimba

Comrade Fanenti

Far far away on planet AWESOME was a soul who desired to come to earth and serve the finest beer to beer thirsty humans. He has become a super star waiter who gets about his job of delivering Africa’s biggest Beer variety to thirsty guests. Comrade has shown the way with his ability to help […]

Janine Van Wulven

The Tappster

An old school joke cracking beer swilling purveyor of a house of beer. Not known for dancing with clicking shoes but would tap that! Tremendous work ethic is finely balanced with intuition.  She may not be a real ginger but she is feisty. A heart of gold and a lioness of Beerhouse.

Roy MacAskill

The Tasty One

Roy is a true-blue Scot who loves food, beer and people. Quickly becoming an authority on food and beer pairings, he has made a habit of blowing away beer lovers with his gastronomic skills. Roy’s understanding of how to create unique experiences through the manipulation of hops, yeast, malt and food is the stuff of […]