George Mhlanga


George Floorman Mean, Lean Beerhouse Machine! If you have ever had the privilege of being looked after Floorman, you will without doubt have the Beerhouse experience. Does more yards over the floor than any other manager. Unflappable under pressure and the best smile in the business. A legend of Beerhouse after working both Long Street […]

Roy MacAskill

The Tasty One

Roy is a true-blue Scot who loves food, beer and people. Quickly becoming an authority on food and beer pairings, he has made a habit of blowing away beer lovers with his gastronomic skills. Roy’s understanding of how to create unique experiences through the manipulation of hops, yeast, malt and food is the stuff of […]

Princess Mbonambi

Rare Spice

Princess runs our kitchen in Joburg Fourways, and until she joined Beerhouse she was making food that was as healthy going into your body as it was coming out (sorry Princess – the truth shall set you free). We’re glad to say she’s changed and is now cooking the Beerhouse way – freshly prepared and with a […]

Murray Slater

Beer Whisperer

A trained hack, self-confessed booze hound and A foot soldier in the craft beer revolution. He has fallen in love with the service industry over the last 8 years, with extensive experience in London and a proven record of providing quality products and service in unique environments. His favourite style of beer is IPA, a […]

Randolf Jorberg

Head dreamer

A veteran to the German online industry, Randolf first came to Cape Town in 2007 and enjoys the freedom to realise ideas incorporating the best of two worlds ever since. Bored from building yet another online business and excited by his OMClub party where every year 4000+ online marketers get together in Cologne, the idea for Beerhouse was […]

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