The great POS hunt – Comparing Point of Sale systems for South Africa

The hunt is over, we tracked the POS for months, followed its every move and studied its habits. We have committed ourselves to a Point of Sale system for the Beerhouse on Long Street.

After carefully researching many options available to the hospitality industry in South Africa. We definitely wanted to go with hand held ordering devices. The pro’s of using these devices such mobility and efficiency  far out way the potential con’s of theft and wi-fi connectivity issues. Our decision was based on both front and back of house capability, its ease of use and flexibility of terms. All options seemed to have the training and support covered. We settled with IKentoo software provided by Tablet POS, a relative newcomer in the market. A Swiss based company whose system is only available in a handful of hospitality venues. It runs on IOS devices so the bulky tills are replaced by mounted ipads and the traditional pen and pad is replaced by ipod touches.

The future is upon us and it would be prudent to move with the times. Come see it in use at the Beerhouse and have a beer while you here, it would be rude not too. Stay Thirsty, Stay curious.

See our internal comparison table below. Scroll sideways to see our winner iKentoo in the last column:

Handheld Handheld Supplied Yes
2 months from Taiwan
Yes Yes
Software can be uploaded on IOS
2 weeks IOS interface  will be ready
Software by Ikentoo
Handheld Pricing R12,215 each R16588.4 each
Lots of added extras
R6490 each N/A R2450 each
License Fee R1800 pa Included Included N/A 1150 pm capped
Hardware Rent or Buy Hardware Buy Buy Rent Buy Rent Buy Rent Rent to Buy Buy
Hardware Pricing R59,895 once off fee R192683 R5952.07
24 months
R77145 24043 deposit
R2946 (incl.) pm
R54490 R8375 upfront
R4500 pm
R8375 upfront
R4500 pm
4 Ipad – R18600
4 ipad stand – R7800
4 Ipod touch – R9800
5 Printers – R12200
Total = R48400
Software Rent or Buy Software Rent Buy Rent Rent Evergreen Rent Buy Rent Rent to Buy Rent
Software Pricing R14200
Annual License
R16560 Included R2570 – pm SW & HW
Refurb  – R2766
R39500 R3030 /36
months 30 day
Same as above R1150 pm capped
Software License Fee Included in above R3450 Included Included R640  pm Included Included Same as above
Back Office Software Included in software pricing
Easi Stock = R4000
R15000 390pm Included  R4000 Included Included Same as above
Training & Support Training Costs PoS – R2,500 per day
Easy Stock – R3,000 per day
Included First and second day trade
Off site training for BOH
5 days on site R9625 R550 per hour
8 Hours = R4400
Support Initial on site support, 24/7 telephone
support, call out R700 – R1000 (out of hours)
First Day on site
24/7 support
24/7 call centre & call centre,  out of hours call out
R400, included in rental
24/7 telephonic / remote support,  call out charge R400
first hours work
24/7 online service
24/7 call out support
First 24 hrs of trading
Additional Information Installation Costs R19,750 Included R10000 R12860 R7500 Installation R3250 R2350
Features and/or Benefits User friendly interface
and self train mode
Handheld Robust and proven.
Very Good BOH SW
R15000 discount
Cheap monthly cost with 90 day clause
Program tills – training.
Finger Print. – staff hours included in software
Purchase HW/ Rent SW = no contract 30 day notice.
Flexibility. Minimises initial costs
Purchase own hardware at affordable costs.
Flexibility. Hand held interface and back of house usability
  • Handhelds due to arrive in 2 month and
    therefore have not seen.
  • Have not seen back office demonstrated
  • Barcode printer available at additional
  • Cant get Hardware without
  • Will be able to use Windows
    tablet end of year.
  • Evergreen Rent Refurb equipment
  • 6-12 months old – don’t break down
  • Old POS Hardware resale value poor.
  • Vida Cage use  GAAP
  • Handheld demo available
  • Handheld s interface tested but not used yet –
    available in two weeks for iOS.
  • Rent Software – In Time Module  incl.
  • Because 1st – potential discounts
  • UPS Consultation
  • Option to customise back of house.
  • Modern technology
  • 30 days written notice to cancel.
  • All data stored in cloud service.