E-flyer_FINAL_PrintOn Monday the 14th of April we held or second edition of our “Meet The Brewers” Series. It was time for Morne Uys from Lakeside Beerworks to step up onto our podium and shine. The idea behind our events is to create dialogue between our Beer lovers and the guys who create the beer that we love. The events are inclusive and the beer tastings and discussions are free.

Morne walked us through the origin of his brand new brewery. “We have only been commercially brewing for just one a year”, says an assured Morne. He and his business partner started off home brewing in a garage in Lakeside. They quickly realized they just might have a talent for making beer and invested in bigger equipment, eventually gypsie brewing (using someone else’s equipment). With surging demand from our Beer lovers they quickly out grew that system and purchased a rather neat and efficient Valley Brewery in Kommetjie where they presently reside. photo (42)

Before we began tasting his range we gave the Beer lovers a quick run through the process of brewing and the four key ingredients to beer, water, grains, hops and yeast. This empowered our Beer lovers a better understanding of how his styles differ and what to look for in beer.

We have added a second element to the event. A optional food and beer pairing. Every month we  sit down with a brewer and match his range and styles with food we best think highlight its flavour profiles. For this event we went with a cheese pairing

We started from the lightest style beer, the London Ale and worked our way through to his stout. The stout is a brand new addition to his stable and was his first official tasting.

For all five of his styles we chose a cheese to compliment and contrast the beer flavour profiles. Some combinations that worked really well. Morne’s Amercian Pale Ale hop profile was subtle accentuated by a mature 6 month mature cheddar from the the Karoo.  His highly carbonate and subtlety tart Hefeweizen was beautifully highlighted by the acidity of soft goats cheese while cutting through a pungent creamy Gorgonzola. Another highlight was a custom made Lakeside Hefeweizen Sorbet to cleanse the palate as we ventured off into the strong cheeses and needed to awaken the palate.

It has quickly become apparent that Beer and Cheese and is a wonderful match and something we will be exploring more in the future.

Cheese & BeerAfter the tasting the floor was opened to a Q&A where it quickly became apparent that there were a few budding home brewers amongst us. It seems Morne’s story is inspiring others to take a leap of faith and follow there dreams and become a brewer.

The evening was another success and it looks like “Meet The Brewers” is  becoming a “not to be missed” event.

Next months event is on Monday 19th of May you will be able to meet Chris Spurdens from and brand new brewery called Apollo Brewing from Gordons Bay.



Sundays are our favourite day. We love how everybody is relaxed from the weekend and pop in and out for a few beers, some food or maybe a Sunday session. Well we have just the thing for you to wind down the weekend and keep that smile firmly intact. Those Monday blues never seemed so far away.

From now on Sundays will be our Rock & Roast Sundays. Every Sunday at 12 noon we start serving roasted choice cuts of meats with all the traditional roast trimmings and the chefs home made Sunday sauce for Sunday lunch and dinner.

From 5pm we will have live acoustic rock to keep you foot tapping and your soul jovial.


Dont be Hangry! Come to Beerhouse.


No ones likes to get “hangry“, a volatile mix of hungry and angry. The Beerhouse has just the medicine for this overwhelming emotion. Starting this Monday we will have daily weekday lunch specials of interesting new dishes to keep you from being hangry.

You will find its kind on your over burdened pocket too – R50 for lunch and 350ml Draught or soft drink. Follow us on Facebook for the weekly updated lunch time specials!


Keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for our daily dishes announced weekly. Keep that hangry away and indulge in our lunches five times and get the sixth one free.

Next Weeks Menu will freshen up your life with some really interesing delicious salads 


 Stay Thirsty/ Stay Curious/ Dont be Hangry


Calling Cape Town DJ’s – show us what you got!!!   DJ YELLOW

Beerhouse is searching for a resident DJ – Do you love music? Are you passionate? Can you put on a show? Can you play inclusive sets while reading the vibe of our Beerlovers? Do you have a wide variety of music? Can you get the party started on one of South Africa’s most famous streets?

If yes we are looking for you.

Fill out this form if you are interested in being apart of our line-up: DJ Form


DUVELinvite[9] (2)We were privileged to host the launch of Duvel’s Triple Hop 2014 edition. We were joined by invited guest from the media and industry.

Every year Moortgat Brewery produce a limited edition beer that utilises three hops. Two hops stay the same each year, Styrian Goldings and Saaz and one is swapped out with a new exciting hop such as previous years stars Citra & Sorachi Ace.

This year the world wide launch was coincided with a SA launch at the Beerhouse. The new mystery hop was revealed as Mosiac from USA – a aroma hop variety developed from Simcoe and Nugget hops. You got to love hop names. It was developed in 2012 and offers a unique and complex blend of floral, tropical, fruity and earthy characteristics.

The beer itself is another winner from the famous Belgian Brewery. Taking note of the world trend of beerlovers desiring hoppier beers the brew masters have dry hopped this beer for an excellent aroma and effervescent  mouth feel typical of Belgian ales and lovely tangerine citrus notes. Our chef paired the new beer with canapés such as smoked mackerel pate with gooseberry compote to complement the beers flavour profiles.

Come get your limited Edition Triple Hop while it last.

Stay Thirsty/ Stay Curious

PIC 2 - Duvel Girls PIC 3 - Beerhouse PIC 3 - We Love Duvel PIC 1- PUNK Hop Hoppity Hop Duvel Glass PIC 4 - CHEERS