Lionesses of Beerhouse

With great joy and pride we announce the promotion of two of our loyal and dedicated staff members. Janine “The Tappster” Van Wulven and Princess “Rare Spice”Mbonambi have stepped up to General Manager at On Long and Head Chef at Fourways respectively

Janine joined us in 2013 a mere months after opening our doors to our yellow house of beer on Long Street. She quickly proved herself as an astute and strong bartender who never shied away from doing heavy lifting or finding the perfect beer our beer lovers. Janine quickly rose through the ranks to Head Bartender and then Inventory manager were she excelled. She has been a very important part of making Beerhouse On Long the success it is today and has received a very well deserved promotion to General Manager. On Long is going to be awesome!!! Watch this space.

Princess joined us as a founding member of the Fourways kitchen staff having completed  a vigorous cook off under the beady eye of Executive Chef Roy “The Tasty One” Macaskill. She proved very quickly that she was more than just a great cook. She has shown incredible passion and determination to realize her ambition and is justly promoted to Head ChefHer journey is by no means finished and the sky is the limit.

We are very proud of these fiercely independent beer loving women. At Beerhouse we are not just about beer and food, we are also about great people and nurturing potential and helping them realize their potential. The glorious revolution is upon us and as we look to expand there will be plenty more room for the likes of Janine and Princess to grow.

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Janine & Princess - Cheers!

Janine & Princess – Cheers!