Celebrating our Staff

Each company thinks that they have the worlds best staff, but here at Beerhouse we know that we really do have some of the worlds best staff.

Here is why:
We have some incredibly loyal staff. In the hospitality industry it can be a struggle to hold onto staff; many of the times it isn’t the right culture fit, they have moved industries or can’t keep up with the hours that the hospitality industry demands.
These staff members have not only been employed for more than a year (which is an accomplishment in it’s own) but some have been with us for half a decade! WOW!

Some of these staff members have developed their careers at Beerhouse, from waiters to managers or cleaners to bartenders. They are all perfect pictures of the culture that we have developed at Beerhouse.
Not only a love for beer and food but a desire to develop themselves and advance their careers.

Happy work anniversary to the following staff and we look forward to the next year of hard work and many beers!

May work anniversaries:
Bevan Newton – 4 years – Beer Whisperer at Beer Revolution
Kerina Govender – 3 years – Finance Manager at Beer Revolution
Valentine Rumbidzai Chinyani – 4 years – Waitron at Beerhouse Fourways
Prince Gapare – 5 years – Front of House manager at Beerhouse on Long

June work anniversaries:
Pepe Myve – 2 years – sculler at Beerhouse Fourways

Pepe Myve

Getting to know Pepe:

Pepe’s toothbrush colour is red, his beer of the moment is Beerhouse house beer LIT Lager. His favorite thing about working for Beerhouse is the challenge of working in the kitchen and he loves to cook. Pepe would love to become a cameraman and his favorite thing to do in Johannesburg is to visit his local library and loves to read.

July work anniversaries:
Abram Masuku – 5 years – Bartender at Beerhouse Fourways
Frankline Ngoma – 5 years – FoH manager at Beerhouse Fourways
Maxwell Sibanda – 5 years – FoH manager at Beerhouse Fourways
Fanent Zimba – 6 years – General Manager at Beerhouse Fourways
Madhock Lunga – 1 year – Bartender at Beerhouse Fourways
Thomas Tigere – 1 year – Bartender at Beerhouse Fourways
Siphetheni Mathe – 2 years – Waitron at Beerhouse Fourways
Lee-Anne Fredericks – 1 year – Cost & Management Accountant at Beer Revolution

Getting to know Lee-Anne:

If she could have a superpower she would have TECHNOPATHY, the ability to control electronics with her mind. Her toothbrush is dark pink and her beer of the moment is Liefmans Fruitesse, fruit beer is number 1!
Her favorite thing about working at Beerhouse is the culture, the people and the vibe we create. If she could learn anything it would be to fly a plane. Her favorite thing to do in Cape Town is go to the beach and go on road trips (so Capetonian). If she could meet anyone dead or alive it would be businesswoman and talk show host, Felicia Mabuza-Suttle.

Lee-Anne Fredericks

July FREE tasting events

Do you want to taste some free beer?
We have some exciting events coming up this month that you don’t want to miss out on.

If you are in Johannesburg you can join us on Thursday, 18th July for our Beerhouse & Friends event with Copperlake Breweries.

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The event starts at 7pm.
Space is limited so get your tickets online HERE. 
This is your opportunity to try some new beers and find out more about the brewery and the beer industry.

In Cape Town we have two upcoming tasting events.

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On Wednesday, 17th July at 7pm join us for Beerhouse & Friends with Drifter Brewing Co.
Space is limited so get your tickets online HERE.

We have a very exciting, specially brewed German Porter beer launch on Thursday, 18th July at 7pm.
Join us and Wolfgang of CBC for the German Porter beer launch. Beer tasting is free but if you want to get a pint of this delicious beer paired with a special smoked pork belly you can purchase your pairing ticket online HERE.

We look forward to trying some new beers with you!

2019 Sunday Times Lifestyle Beer Awards in partnership with Makro

Earlier this month (June 2019) Fanent Zimba, general manager of Beerhouse Fourways took part as a beer judge in the Sunday Times Lifestyle Beer Awards.

Fanent Zimba General Manager of Beerhouse Fourways

Over 60 beers were tasted throughout the day with a very merry panel of beer judges for the first round of the tasting.

The following beers have made it to the second round of judging and 90% of them can be found #atBEERHOUSE as part of our legendary 99 bottles of beer list.

The final prize giving awards will be held at The Empire, Parktown Johannesburg in early August 2019 .


·         CBC Amber Weiss | Cape Brewing Company
·         CBC Pale Ale | Cape Brewing Company

India Pale Ale    

·         Skeleton Coast | Jack Black’s Brewing Co.
·         Urban Legend | Mad Giant    


·         CBC Pilsner | Cape Brewing Company
·         Slow Beer | Darling Brew
Low Alcohol

·         Windhoek Light | Sedibeng Brewery
·         Windhoek Light | Sedibeng Brewery

·         Black Mist Orange | Darling Brew
.         Hoegaarden | Brouweij De Koningshoeven

Pay it forward! BEERHOUSE waitress gets R18,000 tip

Meet Ayanda, the waitress that made an R18 000 tip.

It was a night like any other at Beerhouse and a very special patron, who wishes their identity to remain anonymous, was simply enjoying a night out with friends.
Once the bill came our patron decided that this was the moment to Pay it Forward, the bill being R1 320 the patron decided to make it R20 000 as an once-off act of kindness and that she believes Ayanda will use the money for good. “I have no want to reverse this, no second thoughts about it and I was of sound mind when deciding to leave this tip.” says the patron in a private whatsapp message to Randolf Jorberg, the owner of Beerhouse.

Ayanda who was in disbelief of this incredible kindness called the duty manager immediately to try and talk the patron out of it but the patron refused saying that Ayanda’s service was amazing and that she deserved every last bit of that money.

Ayanda has big dreams to use this money to go back to school. She had to start working at a young age due to financials constraints when she was growing up. She was only eight months old when her parents got divorced which left her family in a tough financial situation. She wasn’t able to get to school because her mom was always working and didn’t complete her Matric.
Ayanda plans to attend a school in Alexandria where she can attend night classes so that she may complete her Matric. She has also expressed an interested in becoming a paramedic. In the meantime she has already started the process of getting her drivers licence.
She has been a part of the Beerhouse team since 2015 and has been a critical part of our Front of House team ever since.

Now that she has gotten the kick start that she has been dreaming of and her future is looking a brighter shade of yellow!

Read the conversation between Ayanda and the Pay it Forward Patron below:

If you want to find out more about Ayanda’s story email marketing@beerhouse.co.za

Download our logos here for marketing use:

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#PhuzaThursday gets a twist

Love a good Zamalek?​

We have a deal for you on one of South Africa’s most popular beers. 
Join us every Thursday evening from 7pm and take advantage of our Carling Black Label quart special. 

Get your quart for HALF PRICE! 

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