Beerhouse Beer Mug

Beer MugIntroducing  our very own beer mug. Available from our downstairs shop for R35 each. Part of the beer legend is its range of hues from pale yellow through amber to pitch black. Without glassware this sensory delight would be lost. In fact it completes the total sensory experience of sight, smell, touch, taste and sound. The sound element being the clinking  resulting from the coming together of glass in the age old custom of cheers which originated as a deterrent against evil spirits.

A house like no other


We set out to create a modern beer house that understands its surroundings and draws on the positive attributes of traditional European beer halls. We wanted to create a contemporary design that was still approachable and accessible.

With this in mind we created a brand identity that uses design principles, strategy and market insights to ensure the brand reflects our values and the functional requirements of our environment. The logo sets the tone for the overall BeerHouse experience as it informs the visual language of the interior through form, colour and tone.

Tetely Hexagon

The choice of yellow pays homage to the star of the show, beer! While beer comes in a multitude of hues from black to white it’s the golden yellow that best evokes the visual sense of beer. The concrete grey gives appropriate contrast while providing a familiar earthy base. Hexagons appear in the logo and throughout the space – the shape reminds us of traditional beer labels and badges.  The typeface is a revival of lettering on old Amsterdam bridges, invoking a sense of tradition and the rich heritage of European influence in the Cape. The visual story created is one of international cultures in a common community where beer is a transnational social adhesive.

Amsterdam Bridge Type Face

An icon within the logo shows two beer mugs coming together in the age old custom of a toast. The custom has been around for thousands of years – many cultures believed the noise created by clashing receptacles would ward off evil spirits. Others used it as a sign of trust: the mugs spilling into each other in the toast guaranteed that no poison was at play. Perhaps the finest explanation is that the noise created is the final piece in sensory puzzle of beer drinking where sight, smell, taste and touch already play a role. Either way it represents the social element that brings people together in a toast of friendship and camaraderie unique to beer drinking.

99 pic

The ‘99 Bottles’ icon adds a note of fun and nostalgia. As well as being a reference to a popular drinking song it also highlights BeerHouse’s variety and commitment to providing a wide range of international and South African beer. The ‘99 Bottles’ theme also appears in other inventive forms throughout the venue, including an innovative wall feature and a loyalty incentive. But we can’t say much more about that yet – it’s a surprise so you’ll need to visit us to find out for yourself! Perhaps just a sneak preview to your right to wet your appetite.

The BeerHouse brand is inviting, fun and friendly and aptly suggests a social atmosphere, quality beer and relaxed inclusive environment where you can join us on an adventure through the world of beer.

Welcome to the Beer House!

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