Featuring: Dawngirl Mpofu



Beerhouse Centurion’s very own ball of energy! Always on the move, sometimes we wonder how she does it! Born and bred in Kwekwe, a small town in Zimbabwe. Dawngirl grew up in a loving family of 6. Life was challenging at times, with her parents struggling to make ends meet. This did not stop her, she worked extremely hard to get her O’ Level Certificate (Matric) which made it possible for her to enter the service industry which she is growing to love everyday!As a child, Dawngirl aspired to become a doctor because she is very passionate about helping people.

Dawngirl was part of the team that opened Beerhouse Centurion in November 2016. Her journey in beer land has led to a love affair with her alter-BeerEgo, the Hazeldean Milk Stout. Dawngirl and the Milk Stout are both bitter and sweet, better tread carefully! Dawngirl’s secret superpower is her smile, who could ever say no to that enchanting smile!

3 reasons why Dawngirl loves being a waitress #atBEERHOUSE Centurion:


1 – “I love the colour yellow. I associate the colour with an all inclusive rainbow nation”


2 – “I learn something new everyday”


3 – “I love my work environment, it feels like home to me as I spend so much time there”


Dawngirl’s WHY…her reasons for working at Beerhouse: ‘I enjoy meeting people from different walks of life on a daily basis, and I learn something new about beer all the time, this has changed my view of the Beer Industry.’

Pop into Beerhouse Centurion, you might bump into this strong, energetic and bubbly young lady!

#BeerLovers. #FoodLovers. #Lovers. #Love. It’s all here #atBeerhouse Centurion.


Featuring: Khetha Mhlongo



Khetha hails from the land of beautiful golden beaches, Durban. He grew up in Kwa Mashu, raised by a hard working single mother. Everything in their home started and ended with a prayer! The soccer loving Khetha developed a very close bond with his sisters as they took care of his when their mother was working. Proud papa to 3 kings and 2 queens. Beerhouse’s very own ‘perfect gentleman’, Khetha is calm, confident, courteous, yet firm and unafraid to take charge of anything that comes his way. As a child, Khetha dreamt of joining the Military Service, to serve, protect and create a peaceful environment for those around him.

Upon joining the Beerhouse Centurion team 7 months ago, Khetha immediately found his alter-BeerEgo, the Devil’s Peak Lager. Khetha and the Devil’s Peak Lager are both very crispy and mildy spicy. Khetha’s secret super power is that a little prayer and God as his strength, he’ll be just fine!

3 reasons why Khetha loves being the Assistant Manager at Beerhouse Centurion:


1 – “I love the sense and feeling of belonging to a family where everyone cares for each other”


2 – “I love our team members, they are helpful, respectful and cheerful”


3 – “I love what the Beerhouse brand represents in the service industry”


Khetha’s WHY….his reason for working at Beerhouse: ‘There is always room for personal growth for everyone. The values that Beerhouse stand for and the vision behind it. Being part of the Beer and Brew Food revolution and making an impact on the South African economy.’

Head over to Beerhouse Centurion, you might be lucky enough to meet the crispy and mildly spicy Khetha and chit chat over a beer!

#BeerLovers. #FoodLovers. #Lovers. #Love. It’s all here #atBeerhouse Centurion.



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