BrewDog opening in Cape Town!

On March 25th, 2021 Brewdog announced that they are building a brewery in the heart of Cape Town. This will certainly change the perspective for Craft Beer in South Africa and help develop demand but also compete with existing breweries whether small independent craft brewers like Ukhamba Beerworx, or relatively big like Devil’s Peak, it adds competition but will also drive people’s understanding and knowledge of beer.

Hello South Africa! We are looking to build this amazing new BrewDog brewery & tap room in an amazing old railway building in the heart of Cape Town. Watch this space.
by BrewDog’s James Watts

Ever since opening BEERHOUSE in 2013 they’ve been my role models in business, turning me into an early #EquityForPunks crowdfunding investor in 2015.

At Beerhouse we have been stocking and featuring Brewdog amongst our wide offering of 99 different beers whenever they were available from importers and also hosted our first virtual Meet The Brewers food & beer pairing event with Brewdog’s then Head Brewer Stewart Bowman.

At Beerhouse we would not exist without Brewers pioneering, telling stories and filling our house with tasty brews and want to welcome BrewDog at this iconic location in a central but challenging part of town. The drawing shared today clearly resembles this building close to the taxi ranks and currently no beer lover would dare to go there after dark but it’s safe to assume a lot of development will go into the area in the years to come and BrewDog is known for bold bets on the future growth in brewing.

Screenshot from Google StreetView

I very much hope that they also come prepared to deal with the dirty underbelly of Cape Town, a reality where racketeers (aka organized crime) decide how they charge you for your patron’s safety. I’ve been an outspoken critic of them and can say a thing or two about it…

We will update this page as soon as opening date, construction progress pictures or more details on this exciting development are released! Also make sure to follow who broke the news.