Humans behind Beerhouse

Randolf Jorberg

Randolf Jorberg BEERHOUSE founder

A veteran to the online marketing industry, German-born Randolf moved to South Africa in 2007 and enjoys the freedom to realize ideas incorporating the best of two worlds ever since. The idea for Beerhouse was born one late night in April 2012 and finally opened its doors on International Beer Day (August 2nd) 2013 on Long Street.

Prior to Beerhouse, Randolf had no previous experience in hospitality, other than loving beers and spending too much time at restaurants and bars around the world way too many nights… Having founded and exited from 1998-2008 and other online ventures, he was bored from building yet another online business and more excited by his OMClub party where every year 3000+ online marketers get drunk in Cologne, when he realized it is now time to make his childhood dream of owning a bar come true.

Leading Beerhouse and the Beer Revolution team with the ‘Head Dreamer’ job title and making his dream of a beer lovers paradise come true, has so far been his best (ad-)venture ever…

You can read more about him in this profile from the Weekend Argus titled “A dream of pulling the city a pint” follow Randolf on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or read his (rarely updated) personal blog at

Randolf Jorberg at BEERHOUSE Fourways
Randolf Jorberg at BEERHOUSE Fourways. Download the high-resolution version here

Kerina Govender

Holder of the purse strings, Kerina is the Chief Financial Officer and 2IC to Randolf, she keeps a tight financial & HR ship.
Kerina got her Bachelor of Accounting Science (BCOMPT) through the University of South Africa  in Johannesburg before she moved to Cape Town.
Hailing from the corporate environment working for some of South Africa’s biggest financial firms (2011- 2016) and a total of 11 years in the accounting game, she joined the Beer Revolution in early 2016.
She brings the expertise and structure needed in a startup company.

Dean Harvett

Dean looks after all the day-to-day activities and the profitability of the Beerhouse sites.
He has a sharp eye for food & beverage costs and is a specializing-generalist and versatile in his role as the Operations Manager.
He provides council and mentorship to the entire management team.
He doesn’t sweat the small stuff with a very impressive 25+ years experience in the hospitality industry. He has run restaurants all over Africa and even owned his own restaurant in Port Elizabeth.
He joined the Beerhouse team in September 2016.

Janine van Wulven

An old school joke cracking beer swilling purveyor of a house of beer. Tremendous work ethic is finely balanced with intuition. Janine has been with the yellow house for over five years and has developed from a joke-cracking beer swilling bartender into a fine leader who commands respect.

As General Manager of Beerhouse on Long she has developed the origin yellow house of beer into an establishment where locals and people from around the globe can enjoy beer and food in world class environment. Now she works for the Beer Revolution Team looking after training, marketing & events. We are lucky to have such a dedicated manager whose blood runs yellow.  A heart of gold and a lioness of Beerhouse.

Bevan Newton

A small town guy with a big beard and an even bigger passion for beer, it’s production, it’s service and it’s enjoyment! The Beer Lovers Journey Manager – a role he does not take lightly. He’s making it his mission to bring beer to Beerlovers.

Lee-Anne Fredericks

All about dem numbers!! Lee-Anne is a experienced accounting professional skilled in Tax Preparation, Pastel Accounting, Microsoft Excel, Account Reconciliation and Accounting.
She’s a analytical thinker and a natural learner, eager to go the extra mile. Using her knowledge she tutored high schools students in Math & Accounting for the past 6 years.
She is now staying thirsty & curious while playing her role as Cost & Management Accountant in the House of many Beers
“My career thus far has taught me commitment, discipline, resilience and leadership.”

Gerda van Wyk

Gerda joined the Beer Revolution team in 2016. She comes with an HR & Finance background – previous position as Accounts Payable Clerk for Beer Revolution.
She is now staying thirsty & staying curious while playing her role as Human Resources Administrator. Alongside her HR career, Gerda loves to travel, attend live concerts and music festivals featuring Craft Beers.

She firmly believes as per quote from Thomas Jefferson “Beer, if drunk in moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit and promotes health. ”