Whether we’re really one of the Top 21 beer bars on the world, as Thrillist said. We don’t know, but we know our team works hard to receive great reviews from regulars and tourists on the following review sites:

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Some of our favorite reviews and media appearances are gathered here:

the-craft-beer-projectThe Craft Beer Project (Lucy Corne) wrote: “From the bubble and foam design of the multi-page menus to the keg and tap type basins in the toilets, there is no doubting what Beerhouse on Long’s passion is. After months of anticipation, the doors to this beer-centric bar have finally opened and the team behind the bar couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate date for the official launch – International Beer Day.

Cape Town Magazine wrote about us in the english and german edition: So, with a huge open-plan upstairs area, big communal wooden tables with bench seating, an extensive street-side balcony and a 15-m long bar, the new pub may look and feel like an authentic German beer garden, but in fact, it’s billed to be far more global in outlook, offering a huge assortment of both craft and industrial ales from around the world.

GQ observed “Beerhouse has become something of a national landmark for travellers and liquid lunchers”

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