Pint For A Purpose

The Beer Revolution believes in giving back. By getting your #PintForAPurpose at Beerhouse, you help fight hunger in your local community.

In partnership with Leo District 410A of the Lions Club International, Beerhouse and Cape Brewing Company are providing Beerlovers with the opportunity to contribute to shelters and soup kitchens in the Long Street and Fourways areas, at no extra cost! The money you spend on your beer will be used by Lions Club International to buy food for people who can’t afford it. It’s that simple: buy a beer as usual, but know you’re doing good!

Anyone interested in helping out or contributing can get in touch here.

Drinking good beer makes you feel good, but now you can feel even better. Get down to Beerhouse and get your #PintForAPurpose today, and make sure to Tweet your support for the initiative by using the hashtag.

Thanks Beerlovers, and as always… Stay Thirsty, Stay Curious!

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