Beer School @ Beerhouse

As our flagship beer and food pairing event, Meet the Brewers continues to educate and inform while making merry, we thought we’d extend the concept and open it up to any interested parties.

If you’ve ever wondered about the origins of the magical brew you love so much, Beerhouse is offering you the chance to find out all about beer… for free!

Welcome to Beer School, where you taste beer and discuss it with our highly-trained beer Navigators and Explorers. You’ll learn the different styles of beer, how beer is produced and what is going on with faulty beer. (Basically, you’ll up your beer nerd credentials and make your friends jealous)

To make the event extra special, we’ve invited the guys and girls who brew the beer you drink to share their knowledge and wisdom. Check the schedule below to see what’s on at Beer School @ Beerhouse, and come and join other Beerlovers on a journey through Beerland!

Beerhouse on Long

Beerschool proper


Beerhouse Fourways