CBC @ Beerhouse Fourways in June!

Beerhouse is honoured to welcome the leaders in South African craft beer to our Fourways branch. Cape Brewing Company (CBC) and Master Brewer Wolgang Koedel are without doubt the operation everyone else looks to, and we are excited to hear their story and share an incredible evening of beer and fine dining with them and the Joburg public.

If you like beer, you will know CBC and the quality they represent; tickets are sure to sell out quickly, so get yours below… right now!




Oakham Ales to be a hit at Beerhouse


One of the world’s most exciting breweries, Oakham Ales are about to land on South African shores and straight onto the taps and shelves of Beerhouse On Long and Beerhouse Fourways. Their beers, like other imports before them, will really show SA Beerlovers the international standard, and also just how far our local breweries have come. I personally started my journey in Beerland with their exceptional single- hopped pale ale Oakham Citra. After growing up with hot country lagers produced by large companies that had a legally binding requirement to increase profits, I stood hesitantly in front of a bottle of Citra in the UK four years ago. Curiosity got the better of me, even though I had always thought English Beer was warm piss. As it touched my lips I had a cloud -parting, light-shining moment of clarity. Beer could produce an amazingly complex journey of flavour! After the grapefruit punch I was

Oakham Green Devils IPAsoothed by litchies, and finished off with a dry bitter conclusion that left me gagging for more. So I had some more, and there and then I was awakened to the wonderful world of ales with malt stages danced upon by balletic hops and yeast flavours. 

I became a firm supporter of Oakham Ales and their exciting, playful range of beers. The Citra’s older brother, the Green Devil IPA is a single-hopped IPA also using the Citra hop. The Green Devil is a bench mark for anyone attempting to brew an IPA, and has recently rewarded with a Gold at the International Brewing Awards. Both these beers will be available in bottle at both Beerhouses as of May.

We will also be showcasing some of Oakhams kegged range of beers. First up will be the Nekomata American Pale ale and the the Krakens Ink Black IPA, just in time for the winter months.

Oakham is not the first world-class brewery to identify SA as a developing beer market that is searching for the world’s best beers. Fullers, Brewdog, Harviestoun and Rogue have all been benchmarks for us Beerlovers. Now we welcome Oakham to the fold. If you love beer, you will love their beers, of that I am sure.

Stay Thirsty Stay Curious.



Meet the Brewers in May: Devil’s Peak Brewing Company

One of the powerhouses of Cape and South African brewing is making its way up country… The mountain men of Devil’s Peak Brewing Company are coming to Jozi!

Beerhouse’s Meet the Brewer events represent the forefront of beer and fine dining. Devil’s Peak Brewing Company are the vanguard of the SA craft beer industry, and we are proud to welcome them to Beerhouse Fourways in May. JC Steyn – the master brewer himself – will take you through the logic of the Devil’s Peak brewing process as you sample some of his finest brews, accompanied by a gourmet menu prepared specifically to compliment his beer. If you like eating great food and drinking great beer in fantastic company, then you need to be here.