Rare & Limited Bottles: #115 Magic Stone Dog

The Magic Stone Dog represents a fabulous mash-up between Magic Rock, Stone and BrewDog breweries inMagic stonedog what has come together as an eye-opening saison-pale ale hybrid in a traditional Belgian style. Off the bat, the aroma has the BrewDog citrus punch straight from the US West Coast with a touch of soft litchi and a spicy, cloves warmth. There is plenty of mouthfeel in this high-carbonation beer that carries the tart citrus flavours before the body brings in the warmth of cloves and body of an APA. The finish is traditional of US West Coast pale ales with a hoppy touch that lingers as the saison shows its colours with a lingering dry, crisp finish. This beer is definitely worth trying if just for the sake of experiencing the hybrid of styles or attempting to pick apart which characteristics came from which brewery. Overall, a fantastic collaboration!

Check out the Mad Stone Dog Belgian Ale on RateBeer here.

Rare & Limited Bottles: #101 BrewDog Trashy Blonde

This is the first post in what will be a series dedicated to the appreciation of the finer side of Beerhouse on Long’s expansive beer menu. While we do promote having “99 bottles of beer on our wall”, we do have an extended menu containing a constantly revolving selection of rare and limited bottles from around the world. This series will be an in-depth discussion of these specialist beers, delving into the finer details of beer tasting.


The first on our list, the BrewDog Trashy BlondeTRASHY BLONDE, takes after its namesake in being a remarkably simple golden ale with a twist. This is a very sessionable beer that delivers where it counts while holding back a touch on the traditional BrewDog hoppy punch. It pours a dirty blonde colour and gives a decent head. The aroma is particularly malty with considerable caramel being offset by fruity scents of mango and passion fruit. The flavour is on the sweet side with notes of passion fruit and guava mingling with butterscotch and a finish of mild citrus hops. This flavour profile coupled with a low carbonation and a light mouthfeel makes this a very more-ish and easy to drink beer. Definitely one for the aficionados and newcomers alike!

Check out the BrewDog Trashy Blonde on RateBeer here.