Pale Ales {Slideshare}

From India with love, baby. Pale Ales present some seriously hip hops, and ya ain’t a beer drinker if you haven’t tried them. Beerhouse’s resident beer expert Murray Slater aka The Beer Whisperer is perfectly poised to help you understand and enjoy the hoppier side of life. Click on to pick his brain…


Dark Beers {Slideshare}

“Beer Whisperer, I am your father!”

Not really though.

We know you’ve missed his wealth of beer knowledge, but fear not! The Beer Whisperer was simply communing with the Dark Side of the Beerforce to bring you this informative presentation on…erm…dark beers. Obviously.


Lagers {Slideshare}

If you’ve grown up in sunny South Africa, you know all about lagers – the crisp, refreshing style of beer is just what we love drinking. But with the Beer Revolution gathering steam, we’re trying other styles of beer too, although we’re always going to back to old faithful at some stage, aren’t we? Herewith the information you need to understand the drink you love so much, South Africa.


Beerhouse: Lagers from Murray Slater