Beerhouse on Long

A new, exciting one-of-its-kind venue opened on Long Street, Cape Town on 2 August 2013. Relax and enjoy our contemporary beer hall with 20 taps and 99 bottles of beer from South Africa and around the world.

Our emphasis is the curation of craft beer brands and making sure it is served at its optimum condition by knowledgeable and passionate staff. We aim to maintain the highest service standard.

Our food is crafted by an experienced kitchen team to compliment our large beer variety and keep those taste buds stimulated. We see ourselves as a hub for the world beer revolution. We will incubate the ideals of craft through numerous events while supporting the local micro-breweries and giving them a podium to shine on.

We will provide a relaxing, comfortable environment to enjoy the world’s oldest and greatest beverage.


by Tavis Geeringh and Butho Ncube

One late night 2 years ago…

After only 8 months of trading it is clear, that not only the media, but specially our guests love our Beerhouse and despite our Teahouse with 99 teas April Fools it is clear, the Beerhouse is here to stay and Beerhouse Joburg is about to turn into reality.

We are very happy with our baby, that opened August 2nd 2013 and we’d like to share, how the idea of Beerhouse started during a trip to Germany:

brad-anonymized-beerhouse-historyOther than Babies, the Beerhouse concept took a solid 16 months from conception to birth. It was exactly two years ago on April 2nd, 2012, that my (then pregnant) girlfriend Varnia and me were sitting in a beer bar in Heidelberg, discussing the various available Beers and their stories and wondering why no similar place exists in Cape Town. Quick market research through text messages and Facebook followed and we realised, that there might indeed be a gap in the South African market.

Thanks to the pregnancy, we went back to the hotel quite early that evening and I reserved the most obvious domain name, created a brand new Facebook page, invited Capetonian friends and started posting, before going to bed.

I couldn’t be bothered to work on the Beerbar idea when we returned from our Eurotrip, as pregnancy and my OMClub party took up all my time, but I did notice the friends congratulating me on our new bar business.


Beerhouse Team at the CT Festival of Beer 2012: Varnia, Randolf and baby Eliza. Not in the picture: Jane

Just a few days after the birth of our daughter it happened: Varnias uncle told us, that some of his rugby mates asked him, ‘whether he heard about these mavericks, that were planning to open a beer bar with more than 40 different beers’ and they mentioned my name. Beer blogger Joakim had written about us, although we had no location, no experience in the hospitality industry – we did nothing, but promise beer variety…

I slowly realized what we’ve done: it wasn’t only friends & family, that liked our idea. We had planted an idea into peoples mind and they actually really wanted a beerbar with 40+ different beers! We finally started to seriously turn a drunk crackpot idea into a business.

restaurant-to-letEven without any experience in the industry, it is obvious, that a successful bar business starts with a good location and Long Street is where it’s at. After looking at smaller available vacancies, we finally called the ‘Restaurant space to let’ number, that we walked past so many times and found a fascinating venue we knew would work.

Few days after signing the contract for 223 Long Street we still had no real idea how to open a bar, but were ready to spread the word. We printed blue Beerbar T-Shirts and visited the Cape Town Festival of Beer, where we met all the brewers, that are now our best partners for the first time and we also found our vision: give our guests at the Beerhouse a 365 day a year beer festival experience and be the tasting room for the South African craft beer industry.

beerhouse-coming-soonWith the new name finalised we decided to not wait for a logo and the Artads artists painted the name, two beer mugs and the opening soon message on the building, that would stay visible way past the April due date we originally anticipated. We invited all our new beer loving friends to the Beerhouse fundraising & christening party and were able to collect more than R5000 in donations for BaphumeleleStormont Madubela Primary School and the Butterfly Art Project thanks to the support by United dutch Breweries, Keg KingRob Heyns & Roeland Liquors.

With all this exciting momentum, we launched into 2013, knowing that a family-team together with relentless Jane, wouldn’t be able to do it all themselves and would need to grow. Once again fortune was in our favour and Murray joined us after just returning to Cape Town from a career and his own restaurant in London

finding-murrayand the rest is history… ;-)


Beerhouse to rebrand as TEAHOUSE

April Fools 2014!

Thank you for all the hilarious feedback! The Beerhouse is looking forward to many more years and April Fools!

Original posting follows: Due to a lack of interest in beer the owner of Beerhouse has decided that it is not beer that people are craving but tea.

“Tea is the new beer” exclaims an excitable Randolf Jorberg. “There was not enough interest in beer and customers were always asking us to open a tea house”, Jorberg continues with unabated excitement. So it looks like the creators of Beer House will be shunning the dead end trend in beer and will look to create a list of 99 tea varieties both exotic and indigenous.


It seems they have timed this re-branding just in time for winter. As the storms roll in and the grey clouds descend – sit back and have a Cuppa.

Perhaps the biggest challenge to this rebranding is the complicated process of converting the giant cold room which use to hold the #99 beers into a giant kettle to keep that cuppa hot. Craig Van Der Bank, builder at Projectmen, is optimistic that the procedure is relatively painless. “The fridge unit is insulated already so it would just be a case of lining it with metal, installing a giant filament and bobs your uncle – a giant Kettle” The Tea house will dispense tea from its giant kettle through its beer taps and replace its glassware with chintz mix and match cups and saucers

ChintzMurray, formally the Beer Whisperer and now the Tea Bellower is excited about putting together a list of #99teas. “I am particularly excited about our home made blends of tea, it will allow us to customize tea blends to our tea lovers needs and requirements”.  “We have also got hold of some rare and unusually teas”. They will have a Oolong tea which is picked by monkeys – which will be sold as Oolong on long. They will be purveyors of Pu’erh, 50 year old decomposed tea that’s worth its weight in gold and hand seLotuswn Lotus balls which unfold themselves when steep in water.


He enthusiastically continues–“ It is a lot easier than starting a brewery which you need a license for and can take months or years to obtain – You don’t need a license to turn on a kettle”.

The Tea House will be serving High Teas, with and assortment of dainty cakes, scones and cucumber sandwiches.  There will be Tea O’ Clock Tasting trays so you can sample the large inclusive variety.

Tonight is Beerhouse’s last hurrah – so come have a pint of the amber nectar before it gets replaced with the Tea House Cuppa. Jorberg is not closing the door on the Beerhouse completely and harbours  ambition to re-open it once the storms have passed. Untill then!! Stay Thirsty/ Stay Curious


E-flyer_FINAL_PrintOn Monday the 14th of April we held or second edition of our “Meet The Brewer” Series. It was time for Morne Uys from Lakeside Beerworks to step up onto our podium and shine. The idea behind our events is to create dialogue between our Beer lovers and the guys who create the beer that we love. The events are inclusive and the beer tastings and discussions are free.

Morne walked us through the origin of his brand new brewery. “We have only been commercially brewing for just one a year”, says an assured Morne. He and his business partner started off home brewing in a garage in Lakeside. They quickly realized they just might have a talent for making beer and invested in bigger equipment, eventually gypsie brewing (using someone else’s equipment). With surging demand from our Beer lovers they quickly out grew that system and purchased a rather neat and efficient Valley Brewery in Kommetjie where they presently reside. photo (42)

Before we began tasting his range we gave the Beer lovers a quick run through the process of brewing and the four key ingredients to beer, water, grains, hops and yeast. This empowered our Beer lovers a better understanding of how his styles differ and what to look for in beer.

We have added a second element to the event. A optional food and beer pairing. Every month we  sit down with a brewer and match his range and styles with food we best think highlight its flavour profiles. For this event we went with a cheese pairing

We started from the lightest style beer, the London Ale and worked our way through to his stout. The stout is a brand new addition to his stable and was his first official tasting.

For all five of his styles we chose a cheese to compliment and contrast the beer flavour profiles. Some combinations that worked really well. Morne’s Amercian Pale Ale hop profile was subtle accentuated by a mature 6 month mature cheddar from the the Karoo.  His highly carbonate and subtlety tart Hefeweizen was beautifully highlighted by the acidity of soft goats cheese while cutting through a pungent creamy Gorgonzola. Another highlight was a custom made Lakeside Hefeweizen Sorbet to cleanse the palate as we ventured off into the strong cheeses and needed to awaken the palate.

It has quickly become apparent that Beer and Cheese and is a wonderful match and something we will be exploring more in the future.

Cheese & BeerAfter the tasting the floor was opened to a Q&A where it quickly became apparent that there were a few budding home brewers amongst us. It seems Morne’s story is inspiring others to take a leap of faith and follow there dreams and become a brewer.

The evening was another success and it looks like “Meet The Brewers” is  becoming a “not to be missed” event.

Next months event is on Monday 19th of May you will be able to meet Chris Spurdens from and brand new brewery called Apollo Brewing from Gordons Bay.



Sundays are our favourite day. We love how everybody is relaxed from the weekend and pop in and out for a few beers, some food or maybe a Sunday session. Well we have just the thing for you to wind down the weekend and keep that smile firmly intact. Those Monday blues never seemed so far away.

From now on Sundays will be our Rock & Roast Sundays. Every Sunday at 12 noon we start serving roasted choice cuts of meats with all the traditional roast trimmings and the chefs home made Sunday sauce for Sunday lunch and dinner.

From 5pm we will have live acoustic rock to keep you foot tapping and your soul jovial.


Dont be Hangry! Come to Beerhouse.


No ones likes to get “hangry“, a volatile mix of hungry and angry. The Beerhouse has just the medicine for this overwhelming emotion. Starting this Monday we will have daily weekday lunch specials of interesting new dishes to keep you from being hangry.

You will find its kind on your over burdened pocket too – R50 for lunch and 350ml Draught or soft drink. Follow us on Facebook for the weekly updated lunch time specials!


Keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for our daily dishes announced weekly. Keep that hangry away and indulge in our lunches five times and get the sixth one free.

Next Weeks Menu will freshen up your life with some really interesing delicious salads 


 Candied bacon & avocado salad, savoury seeds, honey & spring onion dressing


Warm spiced salmon, new potato & cress salad, citrus crème fraiche


Pulled lamb hash, poached egg, apple & rocket salad


Cajun chicken & roasted squash salad, pineapple salsa


 Watermelon, naartjie & feta salad, toasted pumpkin seeds, grain mustard dressing


 Stay Thirsty/ Stay Curious/ Dont be Hangry