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Our emphasis is the curation of craft beer brands, and a service standard that sets the trend in the hospitality industry. Our beer is served by the most knowledgeable and passionate staff in the industry, and our food is crafted by an internationally experienced kitchen team specifically to compliment our large beer variety.

We see ourselves as a hub for all things beer, and we strive to incubate the ideals of craft while supporting local micro-breweries and giving them a podium from which to shout their qualities to the world.

Welcome to the Beer Revolution.


by Tavis Geeringh and Butho Ncube

Turning Beer into Soup.

The “Pint for a Purpose” charity initiative, in partnership with local breweries and  Leo District 410A of the Lions Club International, has received a fantastic response from our loyal Beer lovers and partner breweries.

Seven local breweries have come forward in support of our initiative and the community in donating kegs of beer. Our Beer lovers have risen to the occasion and have purchased these awesome beers from our dedicated “Pint for a Purpose” Tap.  Beerhouse in turn donates 100% of profit to a cause selected by the Leos.

We at Beerhouse are proud to be a business that is conscientious about its environment and the community and with the support of our loyal customers, wish to give back and support a worthy cause.

Our partner breweries so far; Cape Brewing Company ( Paarl), Apollo Brewing ( Gordons Bay), Lakeside Beer Works (Kommetjie), Ukhamba Brewing(Woodstock), Woodstock Brewery ( Woodstock), Agar’s Brewery (Kaya Sands- JHB) and Smack Republic! ( Maboneng- JHB)  have stepped up and helped us raise our first round.

 Our first donation went to a Soup Kitchen at the District 6 Haven shelter in Woodstock. This is a first phase shelter that houses about 70 people with the aim  that the residents will  develop themselves and move out into their own place or go to a phase 2 shelter. They have their own veggie garden. They sleep in old bunk beds, look after their beds and toilets and mostly eat just vegetables and stale bread.


 The Pint for Purpose team visited District 6 Haven Shelter on Sunday the 12th September with enough ingredients purchased with cash that was raised by Cape Brewing Company’s donation to make a lunch of soup, bread and fruit  and dinner for the whole shelter.

 Beerhouse staff helped prepare the soup in the shelter’s kitchen. “The absolutely lovely people staying at this shelter were extremely grateful to the Leos and Beerhouse,” enthused Janine Van Wulven, Beerhouse Tapster who heads up this initiative.

 Deon van Wulven, Leo District President said, “It was great to have a budget large enough to enable us to buy the extra luxuries that we don’t normally include in our soup project, for example the 7kg of meat was definitely a hit.”

Candice Rollings, Beerhouse staff, said, “I have done charity events before but nothing as satisfying as this. The people were so grateful and it made my day.”

We call upon our Breweries and suppliers to support us in this project. All donations are welcome. We will pull the levers and action our collective good will. The modern world has left behind the sense of community and replaced it with selfish consumerism. We at Beerhouse offer you the opportunity to throw off that shackle. Drink a delicious beer and contribute to the well-being and good will of the community

Through the love of beer we are looking to mobilize the community and raise not only funds but awareness and a sense of community outside our yellow walls.

To keep up to date with how Pint for a Purpose is doing and the latest projects follow on Twitter: @BEERHOUSE, Instagram: and Facebook

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Pint For A Purpose – Buy Beer @ Beerhouse and Fight Hunger!

Beerhouse is proud and excited to announce a partnership with Leo District 410A of the Lions Club International and Cape Brewing Company that will allow Beerlovers to know they are doing good while drinking their beer. It’s that easy: get down to Beerhouse, order your pint of CBC Pilsner or your bottle of CBC Lager, drink it, and then pat yourself on the back.

Proceeds from the sale of CBC beer go to Leo District 410A of the Lions Club International, who will use the money to buy food for various shelters and soup kitchens in the greater Long Street and Fourways areas.

CBC have always been trendsetters in the South African micro-brewing scene, and this initiative is no different. We’re hoping CBC have set the bar for social responsibility, and that other major players in the industry will follow suit. Anyone wanting to get involved can get in touch here. C’mon South African Beerlovers, let’s spread good cheer with our beer!

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An update on Joe…

Last week was an incredibly emotional week for all concerned. In the midst of the adversity faced by the Joe’s family and friends and the Beerhouse staff, we find ourselves extremely grateful for all the support afforded us by the community, our suppliers and our loyal Beerhouse customers.

“In memory of Joe”, the Joe Kanyona Memorial Donation page, has raised R46,647 so far in support of Joe’s wife and four month-old daughter, receiving donations from as far afield as New York, London and Sydney. Thank you to all who have donated thus far – your generosity is much appreciated.

We’re also grateful to Lakeside, ApolloCBC, The Belgian Beer Co., Windermere, Woodstock and Jack Black, who have sponsored a special ‘keg wall’ at Beerhouse on Long in Joe’s honour. The keg wall and other in-store fund-raising has seen a further R55,000 raised on behalf of Joe’s family. We encourage all who would help to come down to Beerhouse and pull a pint in honour of Joe.

We will continue to support the police investigation into Joe’s death.

Please accept heartfelt thanks on behalf of Joe’s family and the Beerhouse staff for your ongoing support through this tragedy. We are deeply grateful.


#BeersForJoe Donation Keg Wall @ Beerhouse on Long

As part of our efforts to support Joe’s wife and four month-old daughter, we have erected a keg wall at Beerhouse on Long. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Lakeside Beerworks, Woodstock Brewery, Jack Black, The Belgian Beer Co., Apollo Brewing, Cape Brewing Company (CBC) and Windermere, we are able to offer our patrons the chance to make a donation to the Kanyona family and pull a pint in honour of Joe.

Interested parties can also make a donation on our donation page, which has seen an overwhelming response from the public so far. Thank you to everyone who has shown their support; we are overwhelmed and extremely grateful for your kindness.


RIP Joe Louis

joeJoe Louis Kazadi Kanyona – 32, who was employed as a doorman at Beerhouse On Long, was stabbed by unknown assailants in front of Beerhouse on Long on Saturday at 10:38 pm. The incident occurred after Kanyona requested identity documents from a customer. Despite being attended to by medics, Kanyona tragically passed away.

Joe, as he was affectionately known by the Beerhouse team, was a much-loved colleague and friend, and although he worked in the security environment he had a gentle soul, friendly demeanour and ready smile.

The Beerhouse family has been deeply hurt by this tragic incident, and we wish to extend our heartfelt condolences to the Kanyona family and loved ones.

We would like to assure all concerned that we will do everything in our power to look after Joe’s family. Due to many inquiries received, we’ve set up a fundraiser page on BackaBuddy – all of the proceeds will go straight to his family as he left a wife and his 4-month old baby behind. Donations of baby formula, powdered milk, nappies, baby clothes, etc can be dropped at Beerhouse on 223 Long Street.

In honour of our friend and colleague Joe Kanyona, Beerhouse will reopen at 4pm on Monday the 22nd June, with 100% of the takings on the day going to Joe’s family.