We have introduced a new, exciting one-of-its-kind venue on Long Street, Cape Town and Fourways, Johannesburg. Relax and enjoy our contemporary beer hall with 20/25 taps and our legendary 99 bottles of beer on the wall from South Africa and around the world.

Our emphasis is the curation of craft beer brands and making sure it is served at its optimum condition by knowledgeable and passionate staff. We aim to maintain the highest service standard.

Our food is crafted by an experienced kitchen team to compliment our large beer variety and keep those taste buds stimulated. We see ourselves as a hub for the world beer revolution. We will incubate the ideals of craft through numerous events while supporting the local micro-breweries and giving them a podium to shine on.

We will provide a relaxing, comfortable environment to enjoy the world’s oldest and greatest beverage.


by Tavis Geeringh and Butho Ncube

Rare & Limited Bottles: #104 Rogue Chipotle Ale

There comes a time, particularly in the South African beer market, when the pool of available international beers begins to dwindle as you slowly start tasting some of the best the world has to offer in nearly every style available. That’s when beers like the Rogue Chipotle Ale113a425a14b111e2b0a81231381f24bf_7 start to shine as they fill the role of being something truly different. Spiced with smoked chipotle chile peppers, this beer has a malty and sweet aroma with a sharp touch of spice. It pours a deep, amber colour with a rich, off-white head. On sip, a relatively medium-high carbonation does the job of carrying the malty sweetness of the initial flavours into a crisp finish with a very mild burning sensation that increases with each sip. The burning of the chipotle makes for a beer that makes you constantly want to sip from to douse the flames, albeit it being on the tamer side of chilli beers. This makes for a beer that is a pleasure to drink for the sake of drinking as well for the experience of something new.

Check out the Rogue Chipotle Ale on RateBeer here.

Rare & Limited Bottles: #112 Mad Giant Punk Hop

The next beer on our Rare & Limited selection comes from another South African brewery by the name of Mad Giant and they are starting to make a splash in the local market with beers such as the bold Punk Hop.picture20140801095837_600x600q80 Audacious branding brings some real attitude to a brand that has the beer quality to back it. The Punk Hop pale ale is the perfect summer ale for the South African summer. A healthy, white head sits upon beer of a rich, golden colour which reels you in with a beautiful nose that releases an explosion of tropical fruit such as mango, litchi and pineapple. The use of a healthy dose of hops in combination with a low malt content create a very light mouthfeel despite the high carbonation. On taste, light biscuit and honey notes give way to fruit flavours resembling a fruit salad from a tropical island. A crisp finish leaves you wanting another sip as this summer ale is both refreshing and thirst quenching. This is another fantastic effort from the next big name on the South African beer market.

Check out the Mad Giant Punk Hop on RateBeer here.

Rare & Limited Bottles: #102 Triggerfish Black Marlin

I was lucky enough to do a tasting of the next beer in our Rare & Limited Bottles range at the brewery of Triggerfish. The Triggerfish Black Marlin is special amongst the South African beer market in that it achieves what many of the newer local brewers struggle to accomplish: BIG beers.triggerfish-black-marlin Triggerfish-Logo It’s easy enough to jump up the ABV on a stout and call it ‘imperial’ but to make a truly accomplished imperial stout takes making a beer that brings a big presence to your pallet, something the Black Marlin does perfectly. It pours pitch black with a thin, tan head, carrying a strong, fruity aroma that gives away the 10% ABV. The mouthfeel is that of creamy velvet with an initial taste of sweet, dried fruits such as raisins, plums and dates that carries into a mouth-filling sensation of flavour. The finish is slightly tart as the strong alcohol flavours dissipate, leaving your tongue longing for that sweet warmth again, making this a very more-ish beer. The Triggerfish Black Marlin is an absolute stunner of an imperial stout from one of South Africa’s best established breweries.

Check out the Triggerfish Black Marlin on RateBeer here.

Guest Taps: BrewDog Punk IPA

Besides the 99 bottles on our wall, Beerhouse also boasts 22 taps. Of which, some are dedicated regular lines while some we reserve as Guest Taps, dedicated to the more exclusive kegs we can get our hands on. The first of our current Guest Taps is the BrewDog Punk IPA.

BrewDog’s flagship beer, the Punk IPA, is a decidedly hoppy and powerful IPA that has achieved success in changing conventional British brewing.Punk-IPA-1280x960 By taking a leaf out the books of American brewing, BrewDog upped the hops and produced a new-age IPA that is spearheading the beer revolution. With a soft, hoppy aroma, the Punk IPA resembles a post-modern twist of amazingly fruity hops that give way to an explosion of floral, fruity and citrus flavours that drags you out with a long, crisp, bitter finish. Despite the malty sweetness of the alcohol attempting to tame the bitterness, the hoppy bite catches you and makes for the IPA-lovers best friend.

Check out the BrewDog Punk IPA on RateBeer here.

Rare & Limited Bottles: #111 Rochefort Trappistes 10

The Rochefort Trappistes 10, a Belgian masterpiece of a quadruple that rates 9th overall on RateBeer. A dark brown, hazy coloured beer with a thick aromas of dried fruit and roasted malt in a highly intriguing twist.2.rochefort The flavours that come through are on the sweeter side with notes of liquorice, dried fruit and plums. A high carbonation gives for a massive mouthfeel in every sip and truly shows off this beers perfect balance of flavours. A high alcohol content at 11.3% ABV allows for the warmth of the alcohol to shine while assisting the flavours to stand out as opposed to overpowering them. A truly magnificent beer that should be on every beer-enthusiast’s bucket-list!


Check out the Rochefort Trappiste 10 on RateBeer here.