You can find us on Long Street in Cape Town and Fourways in Johannesburg. Relax and enjoy our contemporary beer hall with its 25 taps, and our legendary ’99 Bottles’ of the best local and international beer.

Our emphasis is the curation of craft beer brands, and a service standard that sets the trend in the hospitality industry. Our beer is served by the most knowledgeable and passionate staff in the industry, and our food is crafted by an internationally experienced kitchen team specifically to compliment our large beer variety.

We see ourselves as a hub for all things beer, and we strive to incubate the ideals of craft while supporting local micro-breweries and giving them a podium from which to shout their qualities to the world.

Welcome to the Beer Revolution.


by Tavis Geeringh and Butho Ncube

Reaching your potential: Growing with Beerhouse

Part of our company wide objective to recruit and develop quality people that believe in and can execute the Beer Revolution’s vision. We are constantly looking at ways to empower our people and their development is always a priority.

Fanent "Comrade" Thabiso - proud as punch.

Fanent “Comrade” Thabiso – proud as punch.

We are very proud to announce that two of our managers have completed their UCT Restaurant Managers Diplomas via Get Smarter. Congratulations to Fanent Thabiso and Michael Cain who passed the course with flying colours. The short online course has equipped these already very capable managers with more tools to excel in their roles at Beerhouse. Michael has been with our Fourways venue for two years and has shown that he is an astute leader. Fanent was one of our original employees three years ago at Beerhouse on Long. He was one of the best waiters that we have ever had the privilege of working with. He showed great initiative and was a team player. He has developed into a great leader who is very well respected by the staff and his senior managers.

This is Mike smiling. No really it is. Very chuffed.

This is Mike smiling. No really it is. Very chuffed.

The course covers topics such as, Safety and regulations, Menu planning and costing, Financial administration, Interpreting budgets, controlling costs and increasing sales, Managing a team, Training and Human Resource and  Dealing with customers: Online and offline.

Our awesome ‘Admin Fairy’, Preciouse Katsande, who has become a major driving force in our Social Media & Marketing team has just passed a Social Media & Marketing Course via Shaw Academy with a distinction. She is also completing her  Honours in Integrated Organisational Communication with a focus on Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing and Communication Research. All the while working full time at Beerhouse Fourways. Way to go Presh, we are proud of you. Precious

We are also very proud to announce that two of our dedicated and loyal Navigators have been promoted to the management teams at Long Street and Fourways. Prince Garpare and Frank Ngoma have been long serving and have applied themselves to all challenges. Not only are they fine young gentlemen but they take initiative and have helped drive Beerhouse forward. We look forward to your continued development and love that you are able to have a space to reach your undoubted potential. Keep growing with us and enjoy the ride.

Prince of Beers

Prince of Beer

All managers will be starting this month a internal management course developed by Beerhouse. The first module covers Leadership and staff engagement. The course that is made up of multiple modules including, people management, communication, menu planning and costing and  deeper understanding of how a manager can effect the bottom line with their day-to-day actions will run over the next six months. We are very proud of our internal training as we continue to improve all facets that come together to empower and educate.

If you wish to join the growing team and reach your potential then Join The Beer Revolution. 


Variety is our Business









Meet The Brewers: Dougal Sharp

Meeting a brewer who has built his company up to become and internationally recognised brand is not something you get to do very often. Our ‘Meet The Brewer’ events are aimed at giving local micro-breweries a podium to shine on. However we do have an inclusive menu that has a range of international treats from 13 different countries. These international brands are well established in their own markets and now look to spread their revolutionary mandates to other far flung parts of the world. We are lucky in SA to have breweries like Innis & Gunn invest in our market and look to introduce us to their unique oak aged beers.

The story of Dougal Sharp and his now global business is one told with great pride. The idea that spawned his impressive range was was discovered by accident. There story is unique and so are the beers. All oak aged in some way and in a variety of styles such as wheat beer, IPA, porter and British strong ale.  On Monday we had the privileged taste six of their beers including the limited Vintage edition. The tasting was expertly guided by Rowan Leibbrandt who has an intricate understanding of the brand he represents. As per usual the beers were paired with food by our very own Scott, Roy MacAskill. The chef mixed it up this time and moved away from the traditional method of tasting lightest to heaviest. Roy started with a “home-run” pairing of Innis & Gunn Original and Coconut crumbed avocado, warm sriracha emulsion.


Original Food Pairing

The second pairing is were things started to get more eccentric. The rum finish was paired with a South African treat in the form of maple glazed bacon on stick or otherwise known at Oepsies. It was all finished off with a vanilla forward Filipino Rum, Don Papa.


Rum Finish Food Pairing

Third pairing was the White Oak wheat beer and Croque Monsieur.

White Oak Food Pairing

Forth was a delicious combo of Irish Whiskey finish with homemade Innis & Gunn ice cream,spiced oat cake and finished with Irish whiskey syrup. Superb.

Innis & Gunn Whiskey Finish Pairing

And the last food pairing of the evening was the Toasted Oak IPA with pecan and blue cheese truffles.

Toasted Oak Pairing

To round off the tasting experience we were treated to a very limited Vintage edition that is a beer that can be enjoyed now and in 10 years time due to its oak and bottle conditioning.

Innis & Gunn(3)


Of course the event would not be complete without meeting a brewer. We were able to google hangout, or as one guest called it, Dougal Hangout with the founder and brewer of Innis and Gunn, Dougal Sharp. Guest at the event were asked to write down questions which they would be able to ask him directly. Questions were varied from serious barrel ageing and brewing types to opinions on Craig Joubert to favourite dinosaurs. He was treat to listen to, clearly passionate about beer and his product he also has a humble demeanour that belies his rock star status. All proceeds from the ticket sales went directly to Joe’s Legacy Fund. You can find out more info here.

We too can meeting Dougal Sharp by watching our recording of the Beerhouse Fourways Meet The Brewers event:

Picture credits to Roly “The Beer Geek” and Beer Country – always a pleasure having you guys.

Meet The Brewers with Innis & Gunn

Joe’s Legacy

Latest Update – 1st August 2016*****************************************

We are very happy to announce that we made our fundraising target of R60000 to go towards the Joe’s Legacy Fund. We are immensely humbled by how the community has supported us since Joe was killed on 20th June 2015. It has been an extremely difficult year for the Beerhouse family but the continued support from wider community of beer lovers and brewers has allowed us to focus and creating a positive from this very tragic event.

The out pouring of support and kegs of beer from our brewing friends saw us extend our fundraising drive from a week to almost six weeks. Brewers donated over 16 kegs of beer which we poured through our ‘Pints for Purpose’ taps and raised a further R27000. We are incredible grateful for the support and it reminds us of what a great community we are in.

The money raised will now be put in a fund for his daughter to access when she starts school. With your help this young girl will have every opportunity to reach her potential.

For more information on Joe’s Legacy please see our previous blog and update below.



Joes LegacyOne year on, from a senseless tragedy that took the life of our Doorman and friend Joe Kanyona, a sensitive and caring soul, we remember him and look forward to contributing to creating and safeguarding his legacy.

Joe was killed while on duty, protecting us, as he always did.  We are committed to looking after his legacy and exercise this commitment by supporting his only child; his beloved daughter who was only 4-months-old when her father passed away on the 20th of June, 2015.

RIP Joe KanyonaLast year, Beerhouse hosted various fundraisers in Joe’s honour. The proceeds donated by Beerhouse and our generous customers, were used to support Joe’s family. In remembering Joe, we are delighted to announce that his daughter has recently been awarded a full scholarship by the L’école Française du Cap, Cape Town French School. This extraordinary donation covers her tuition at the private school from Pre-school to Matric (Baccalaureate) and is an effort led by the French School teachers and Beerhouse owner Randolf Jorberg.

“Due to her combined heritage of both Xhosa and Congolese parents, she is a perfect fit for the bursary; we have no doubt this bursary, funded by the French School, will give her the otherwise impossible opportunity to shine academically and realise her potential, so critically hampered by the tragic loss of her father”.

“We are convinced her social integration in the school would pose no problem at all as she would benefit from a support network capable of shouldering her tough academic commitments, and be able blend easily into the diverse, multicultural student body of the French School of Cape Town.”  reads a statement from French School Board Committee.

Further, Beerhouse was instrumental in establishing the Long Street Association -soon after Joe’s death. Long Street Association is working hard to keep those who work and visit Long Street safe and employs up to 10 law enforcement officers and security patrols to enhance security on Long Street.

The trial of the three accused of murder and conspiracy to murder of Joe Kanyona will resume again on 22nd June after postponement.

The anniversary

This year, on the anniversary of Joe’s untimely death, Beerhouse will be hosting fundraising events for the week 20th June to 27th June 2016. All proceeds will go to assisting with Martha’s care.

The Schedule of Joe’s Beerhouse Tribute Activity.

On Monday the 20th: Beerhouse will donate all the day’s revenues without any deductions for stock or operating cost to the Joe’s Legacy Fund. We ask our patrons to drink our taps dry.

The ticket sales and proceeds of Meet the Brewers food and beer pairing event on the evening of the 20th will also go to this Fund. Tickets for this event are on sale for R175 at Quicket and include 6  oak aged beers from Innis & Gunn (Scotland) paired with 6 canapés from the Beerhouse kitchen.

The rest of the week, (20th June to 27th June), Beerhouse will offer a ‘Pint for a Purpose’ tap. They will tap beer sponsored by Drifter Brewing Company, Atlantic Storm Brewery, Jack Black, Zebonkey Brewery, Apollo Brewing Company, Cape Brewing Co., Belgian Beer Company SA,Dissident Brewing Company, Red Sky Brew, Devils Peak Brewing Company who have donated kegs of beer to the cause. Breweries, that want to donate their beers for this purpose are asked to contact Beerhouse as soon as possible. All proceeds from the sale of these beers will go towards Joe’s Legacy Project fund.


If you are unable to join us over the week and wish to contribute please donate on our Back a Buddy page. Any additional donations are welcome.

****UPDATE 01 July 2016*********************************************

We have reached our initial goal of fundraising R40K to go towards Joe’s Legacy Fund ( below). Due to the amazing support and generosity from the beer community we still have donated kegs to raise funds with. We will continue our Pint-for-a-Purpose drive into the coming weeks and have extended our goal to R60K. Come drink us dry.



All funds raised will be held in a trust managed by Servo Fiduciary Services free of charge for the purpose to enable Joe’s daughter to cover all school related cost – transport, canteen cost, uniform, school trips, extracurricular activities, etc. If you are in a position to offer her a regular lift from the Goodwood area to Sea Point in time for school, please contact Beerhouse.

“Words cannot express how grateful we are at the outpouring of support that Joe’s family has received to date from the Western Cape and further afield. Joe had a tremendous impact on the Beerhouse family and Long Street when he was alive. His memory and our customer’s support are seared in our hearts and will never be forgotten. It is our hope that we will able to help secure a bright future for Joe’s daughter.” Randolf Jorberg, Beerhouse Owner.


Joe’s Daughters acceptance of bursary letter from Cape Town French.


The Guardian of Purity

The Guardian of PurityThe old guardian takes a long deep breath and steadies his once strong and now-weakened frame. The bright flickering of dancing candles lights up his old battle-worn face with eyes that have seen   all five hundred of his candles.  He is exhausted but seems content, a content that comes from a life of purpose and resolution.
The old man has been watching over and protecting something that generation after generation has held dear.  He has held steadfast through famines, floods, pestilence, plagues, revolutions and wars.  In all his purity, the old guardian has only been at rest for the last 29 years of the last five hundred.  He now contemplates whether his guardianship can come to an end. He remembers the last 500 years of devoted service.
He was charged with this great duty of protecting ‘The Purity’ in 1516 when the evil was closing in on lands that were under siege from  insurgents hell-bent of destroying ‘The Purity’.  The guardian was a strong and mighty man who was well respected in his land.  He drove out the insurgents who defiled purity and wielded authority that would hold at arms-length this black mist of adulterated and contaminated philosophy. He remained wholesome and untainted by the immorality.

However, the philosophy he protected was no longer ‘The Purity’ that all in the land looked up to.  Philosophy had changed; the world had changed and the purity he protected was now seen as draconian and deemed to be stifling. The once evil impurities were no longer at the gates, fended off by new powers of the new world. His once-loyal army was now turning away from ‘The Purity’ and his knights looked past the magical elements of hops, malt, yeast and water.

In his five hundredth year is it time to open the gates? Are the evil insurgents of spoiled amber nectar no longer a threat? Has his mandate run its course? The “Purity” is and will be forevermore in the protection of the people.

Will Sir Reinheitsgebot finally take leave of his post and relinquish his guardianship or will this great champion of “The Purity” remain as a legacy of craft?  Either way the world he has been protecting is grateful for his tenure and he will be forever remembered as the ‘Guardian of Purity’. His knight Sir Wolfgang and Shield Maiden Imke remain champions of the Great Guardian’s legacy.

Happy Birthday and thank you, old guardian.

Cheers for the beers.




Reinheitsgebot Purity Law

This year marks 500 years since the Reinheitsgebot was decreed in the southern state of Bavaria. The “Puirty Law” was passed into legislation to protect the production of beer. Only three ingredients were allowed in production, malt, hops and water. Yeast was added later when its existence was discovered. While no longer actual law, it is still regarded as an important tradition and for many brewers a guideline on how German beer ought to be made. Before its official repeal in 1987, it was the oldest food-quality regulation in the world.  Its detractors say the law has passed its usefulness and hinders innovation and Germany’s ability to adopt modern beer trends that utilize ingredients contrary to the purity tradition. Germany’s slow uptake of the new “craft revolution” compared to USA and UK is said to be directly related to this tradition.

Pint For a Purpose Update.

So the Pint For a Purpose initiative, that you beer lovers have been contributing too,  was active again last week when the funds were used to screen children’s eyesight at Marconi Beam Primary school in Joe Slovo.

The funds generated by our ‘Pints for a Purpose’ tap were used by the Jonga Trust (Non-Profit, NGO) to eye screen 398 pupils in Grades 3 & 4. Many of these pupils have been at school with undiagnosed eye sight impairment.  A staggering 58 out of all the pupils screened were determined to need visual aids in the form of prescription glasses. Some of the kids, even if sitting at the front of the class would not have been able to see the black board. Many have been suffering in silence with serious consequences to their education and future prospects.

The process does not end at identifying the problems. With the fantastic support and drive from the Leo District 410A of the Lions Club International, the kids that have been identified will be bused into town to be seen by Chris Eksteen, an optician who donates his time for free, and a refraction perspiration will be afforded. To complete the full solution One Sight donates the glasses’ frames for free so that the children of Marconi Beam are able to now have clear vision that will ultimately afford them a vital tool in fulfilling their potential.

We are very proud to be part of these initiatives as they really do make a difference to peoples lives. Keep pinting for a purpose. There is a lot of work to do.


pfp 2