We have introduced a new, exciting one-of-its-kind venue on Long Street, Cape Town and Fourways, Johannesburg. Relax and enjoy our contemporary beer hall with 20/25 taps and our legendary 99 bottles of beer on the wall from South Africa and around the world.

Our emphasis is the curation of craft beer brands and making sure it is served at its optimum condition by knowledgeable and passionate staff. We aim to maintain the highest service standard.

Our food is crafted by an experienced kitchen team to compliment our large beer variety and keep those taste buds stimulated. We see ourselves as a hub for the world beer revolution. We will incubate the ideals of craft through numerous events while supporting the local micro-breweries and giving them a podium to shine on.

We will provide a relaxing, comfortable environment to enjoy the world’s oldest and greatest beverage.


by Tavis Geeringh and Butho Ncube

Beerhouse Fourways opening – 99 bottles of beer have arrived!


After months of planning and construction, weeks of training and many times the question “when are you going to open?”, we are proud to invite you to our official opening celebration, this Thursday, July 24th, from 8pm at the Beerhouse Fourways, at Pineslopes Boulevard (same complex as Billy the Bum’s & Stones) on Witkoppen Road!

Since opening the first Beerhouse on Long Street, Cape Town in 2013 we were often asked to bring our variety of 99 bottles and 20 taps to Johannesburg. We’re proud to bring Africas biggest beer variety to Gauteng and open in Fourways!

First 25 people to walk in will receive a complimentary bottle of our 999 limited Gold Rush House Brew bottles.

For a chance to WIN ALL 99 BOTTLES, enter your email on and share the news with your friends!

If you’re working for media you can get invited to our media launch earlier that day: Please RSVP!

House Brew Gold Rush

The opening of Beerhouse Fourways is imminent and we have decided to celebrate our Cape Town heritage with our new City of Gold. Two of South Africa’s young and exciting brewers teamed up and collaborated on a unique recipe. Lakeside of Cape Town and SMACK!Republic from Maboneng Joburg joined forces to produce a beer to celebrate the opening of our House of 99 bottles and 25 taps in (83) Lake Side Morne from Lakeside and Andrew & Grant from SMACK!Republic brewed us a Pale Ale using a Mash bill (Grain) of pale, Munich and Caramunich malt. They then added a special experimental South African hop so secret it still has not been given an official name. The J17 hop was introduced for bittering at the beginning of the boil and middle and late into it for aroma. Having the privilege to be at both brew days, it was great to see two very talented brewers at work and see how they used their very different kits and unique styles. Brewers are wonderful creatures as they have the ability to use both right and left sides of their brains with seeming ease. They have to work methodically like a scientist and combine creative flair of an artist.The result of their work is a soon to be limited release, Gold Rush African Pale Ale. A few lucky people have been able to taste this beauty of a beer and the results are a reflection of two breweries that are on top of their craft. Great Job chaps!m

Do You want a sample of both Lakeside & SMACK!Republic House Brew Gold Rush Beers? Media and Beerlovers do you want to join us for the launch of Beerhouse Fourways on Thursday the 24th July?

Please fill out this Online questionnaire for a chance to receive our Gold and an invite to our launch party.

 Gold Rush

House Brew Gold Rush Brewing with Andrew and Morne



Housebrew Gold Rush Label – African Pale Ale with J17 hops


Gold Rush Recipe

Gold Rush’s co-lab recipe by Lakeside & SMACK!Republic

South Yeasters Beer Quiz

Beerhouse is proud to host Cape Town’s Legendary Home Brew Club, South Yeasters, Beer quiz this Wednesday the 9th. Tickets are limited. You reckon you got what it takes to front up to a beer nerd or you just looking to learn more about the adventures in  beerland. Limit tickets starting at 7pm. Football semi-final afterwards at 10pm. Booking essential. Contact South Yeasters Legendary President for tickets

Beer Quiz poster



Beerhouse Staff Brewday

On Monday the 9th of June we closed shop and had a  Staff brew day with our navigators. The Beer Whisperer, Ryno Reyneke ( Author of African Brew), Ant Cawood (man behind Beerguevara Brew shop) and Morne Uys ( Lakeside Brewery) gathered together to hold a home brew tutorial for the staff.

Our navigators were walked through the brewing process and the great balance between science and artistic expression that makes making so exciting. The staff were broken into three groups and each brewed off Beerguevara’s box kits that we sell in our merchandise shop.

Each team was paired with a Beerlovers tribal elder and walked through the process of brewing including, mashing, boiling, cooling, pitching and fermenting. Ryno, Morne and Ant gave great insight from there experience in brewing and the navigators really enjoyed the exercise. It opened up their  eyes to the art and science and allowed them to understand the manipulation of the four key ingredients, water, grain, hops and yeast in creating the huge variety in styles of beer. By brewing under the watchful eye of guys who have being doing for years afforded our navigators a great understanding of beer and how it is made, thus allowing them to help our beerlovers through their journey through beerland.

Next Monday the 23rd of June we will transfer the fermented beer to bottles for secondary fermentation. A further two weeks from then we will open up our American Amber Ales and see just how good our maiden home brew is. The Tribal Elders will return to judge and the winning team who will win a further home brewing course at Beerguevara.


Stay Thirsty Stay Curious


Clockwise: Matt and Reda cooling beer, mashing the grain, Beer in fermenter, this team reckons its going to win.

Clockwise: Matt and Reda cooling beer, mashing the grain, Beer in fermenter, this team reckons its going to win.

Wear the Colours! Watch the Goals! Drink The beer

Football fever is upon us! There cannot be any doubt that the beautiful game will excite. The 2010 hangover is no longer and its now time to pass the baton to our samba loving friends across the Atlantic.

Enjoy the games at our house of beer. There is no better place! Beer, Big screen and … well…. Goal Goal Goal. The house to watch it all fold out!! It must be the Beerhouse on long. Messi, Ronaldo, Klose, Yaya,  Hazard, RVP and yes dont forget Stevie G – will be in life size on our screens all in the shadow of the 99 bottles. Wear you team colours and if they are victorious- we give you free beer from that nation if represented by 99 bottles if not we will throw in a ringer.  Bring the Noise!!

World Cup Beerhouse Fixtures