Meet the Brewers

One Monday every month in both our Long Street and Fourways venues we meet with a brewer and hear him talk about his beers (and we taste them too!) at our flagship beer and food pairing event. Great beer, great food, and a relaxed and informal atmosphere in which you can learn about the brewing process while enjoying the culinary delights of Beerhouse.

In short, Meet the Brewers is awesome. But don’t take our word for it. Check out what some of the country’s most influential foodies have to say about it here, here or here. A small sample:

So, even as a beer newbie, Meet the Brewers was pretty awesome. The food was great, the pairings were fantastic, I actually drank all of my beer, the hosts, guests, and speakers had me in stitches most of the night, and I genuinely enjoyed every moment being there. It’s definitely an event I’d recommend, but even if you don’t feel like doing the ‘official’ pairing and meeting, you can always check out some of the general pairings the Beerhouse offers on their regular menu.

Our upcoming events are below. Please click on the poster for more details and to book your tickets (which pretty much always sell out).


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