C’mon Cape Town, Pretoria and Joburg, who wants Beerhouse Three?!

We’re ramping up the search for our next venue, and once again, we need your help. We’ve had a few responses to our previous call for local knowledge, but none have cut the mustard. We’re still offering the 99 bottles of beer on our wall as a reward for winning intelligence… that’s quite a lot of incredible beer, people. So come on Jozi, Pretoria and iKapa, help your brothers in beer out a bit!

Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter or email to give us your thoughts, or just leave a comment under here.

And while you’re thinking about how great it would be to have a Beerhouse around the corner form you, it’s worth mentioning that we are always looking for talented people to join our team. When we open the next Beerhouse, we’re going to need quite a few of you beerloving hospitality types, and as our 99Bottles distribution empire grows, we’re going to need logistics nerds, operations lieutenants, business gurus and administration fairies too. So if you fit the bill or know someone that does, please check out our recruitment pages and get the ball rolling on joining the Beer Revolution.

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31 Comments On “C’mon Cape Town, Pretoria and Joburg, who wants Beerhouse Three?!”

  1. Eugene Joubert | On May 11, 2015

    Dear Beerhouse,

    3 locations spring to mind in the Pretoria-region –

    1.) With Hatfield Square pretty much closed, most of the activity is moving east. C/o Garsfontein Road and January Masilela (old Genl. Louis Botha) is the Waterglen Shopping centre. Tings an’ Times have been there for a while there along with Crawdaddy’s and they are always busy.

    2.) C/o Rodericks road and Hillside street – home of Lucky Rodrigo. The centre is an old one, but the area is becoming revamped with new cafes and markets.

    3.) c/o Atterbury and Selikats Causeway. Just because it is near home.

    Hope you guys decide that Pretoria is in need of some more beer culture.

    kind regards,

    Eugene Joubert

    • Carl Thomen | On May 12, 2015

      Eugene, many thanks for taking the time to reply. That is some excellent info – we will be checking them out today.

  2. eric | On May 11, 2015

    Beerhouse three should be in durbanville tygervalley area

    • Carl Thomen | On May 12, 2015

      Already looking at a spot it Tiger Falls, cheers Eric.

    • Liani | On September 13, 2015

      We recently “opted out” and moved from CT CBD to the suburbs. Loving the space, quiet etc. BUT WE MISS BEER HOUSE! Please make Beerhouse 3 in Durbanville!

      • Murray Slater | On September 16, 2015

        Hi Liani

        We are presently looking in Northern Suburbs. so if you see anything that might make a good Beerhouse – let us know. All the best.

  3. Jason Daniels | On May 12, 2015


    An Awesome venue or street to consider would have to be Claremont. With it growing popularity and upbeat night life it would be perfect. you will gain epic crowds on days when Newlands is hosting an event and on top it off the high level of students occupying the Newlands and Claremont area along with buzzing businesses im pretty sure beerhouse would make a killing. it will be the perfect place to relax and have a beer after a long day, especially with most of the peopele i know who go to beerhouse(Cape town venue) come from claremont/ Rondebosch area.

    Cheers, Jason

    • Carl Thomen | On May 12, 2015

      Thanks for your email Jason. We are seriously considering Claremont, but we need info on actual sites and venues as well. If you know of a place closing down, or an empty space we could fit all our beer, please let us know!

  4. Waldo | On May 12, 2015

    The westrand definitely needs a beerhouse… Ruimsig, Clearwater, Little falls, Nort riding side.

    Cheers!!… to having some beers !! At the Beerhouse Westrand soon!

    • Carl Thomen | On May 12, 2015

      Cheers to you for taking the time Waldo!

    • Craig Bryant | On May 12, 2015

      Westrand? I grew up in the Westrand, all the chairs will be broken or missing within a week.

  5. Katherine Harvey | On May 12, 2015

    There is a very large empty shop in Lakeview shopping center. This is in Benoni. There are a lot of people in the east who want quality drinks. This center is on North Rand rd just off of atlas. Close to another 2 bars that are admittedly getting old and tired. So a beer house here would already be on people’s party route on the weekends. People here love beer and it’s close enough to edenvale and bedfordview for people to come but also out of those suburbs enough for rent to be cheap.

    • Carl Thomen | On May 12, 2015

      Thanks Katherine – we’re on it!

  6. sam | On May 12, 2015

    Stoneridge, Edenvale. Although there is a Qba there, they are more of a cocktail vibe. There is also Ridgeway but that is more of a sports bar… we definitely need a place to party where they also provide us with a wide variety of beers. Sounds like a perfect fit. There is also a lot of parking available in the centre. Can’t wait to see you there 😉

    • Carl Thomen | On May 12, 2015

      Shot Sam, we’ll get the Fourways crew on it.

  7. Craig Bryant | On May 12, 2015

    Until recently I spent my life in food and beverage, spending the last 4 years in Durbanville/Tygervally/Bellville and I can tell you that the northern suburbs are craving exposure to good beer. I was asked several times a night when we were going to expand our range and in particular get more good, local, craft beers. The few places up here that do stock a small variety all have EXACTLY THE SAME. I myself have wanted to pay you guys a visit but I avoid Town like the plague. I definitely think that Durbanville, or even a nice spot in Brackenfell, would be an excellent choice. We’re a thirsty lot and we need some choice in our diets.

    • Craig Bryant | On May 12, 2015

      To be specific I know that there is an open space in Tyger Waterfront (Tygerfalls side) It used to be Rapsodys, I believe. Big place over looking the water.

      • Carl Thomen | On May 13, 2015

        Thanks Craig – we know about that spot and are seriously considering it. I recommend you brave town just the once to come and visit us. You won’t be disappointed!

  8. Quinton | On May 12, 2015

    Hey guys! I don’t know if the current setup of the venue will be ideal for your setup – but Tokyo Star/Sky in Greenside has closed down, so that is one site worth looking into? Its on Gleneagles road, next to Vida Cafe.

    • Carl Thomen | On May 13, 2015

      Shot Quinton – we’ve been thinking about that site. It’s a bit small, and the lack of a decent outside area is a problem. Great spot though!

  9. Janet | On May 12, 2015

    Burgundy Estate! I really just want a beerhouse around the corner from me.

    • Carl Thomen | On May 13, 2015

      You’re not alone, Janet.

  10. Tokologo | On May 13, 2015

    i think the best venue would be at maboneng precint because of its expanding market and open minded lifestyle, people would really love it there

    • Carl Thomen | On May 13, 2015

      Shot Tokologo. For sure, Maboneng would be great – go find us a site if you feel like drinking 99 bottles of good beer!

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