Pint For a Purpose Update.

So the Pint For a Purpose initiative, that you beer lovers have been contributing too,  was active again last week when the funds were used to screen children’s eyesight at Marconi Beam Primary school in Joe Slovo.

The funds generated by our ‘Pints for a Purpose’ tap were used by the Jonga Trust (Non-Profit, NGO) to eye screen 398 pupils in Grades 3 & 4. Many of these pupils have been at school with undiagnosed eye sight impairment.  A staggering 58 out of all the pupils screened were determined to need visual aids in the form of prescription glasses. Some of the kids, even if sitting at the front of the class would not have been able to see the black board. Many have been suffering in silence with serious consequences to their education and future prospects.

The process does not end at identifying the problems. With the fantastic support and drive from the Leo District 410A of the Lions Club International, the kids that have been identified will be bused into town to be seen by Chris Eksteen, an optician who donates his time for free, and a refraction perspiration will be afforded. To complete the full solution One Sight donates the glasses’ frames for free so that the children of Marconi Beam are able to now have clear vision that will ultimately afford them a vital tool in fulfilling their potential.

We are very proud to be part of these initiatives as they really do make a difference to peoples lives. Keep pinting for a purpose. There is a lot of work to do.


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