It’s getting HOT in here!

As the Cape Town chill starts to set in and our pools are finally overflowing with water, we start to think of warmer things.
Some of you might be thinking of Thailand or wishing December was here. We think of HOT mulled cider.

Everson’s Cider is in the heart of Apple Country and is the creator of South Africa’s first Mulled Cider. To make this Cider, Everson’s has taken their original apple cider and blended it with a spice-infused cloudy apple juice.
*drool activated

At Beerhouse we like to heat this up at the end of our bar and allow the smell to consume you. Adding a slice of orange and a tot of rum (optional) makes this the ultimate winter warmer and our drink of choice for the cold winter.
Oh and it’s Gluten FREE!

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