Cask Ale at Beerhouse on Long

Join us and Steve Peel from Shackleton Brewing Company for some Cask Ale poured from a traditional beer engine, a Q&A on the art of cask and some merriment from 6:30pm till 8:30pm Friday 1st June.

We will be tapping a cask of delicious Shackleton Brewing Company’s Pale Ale! We have long been admirers of this traditional method and technique of conditioning and serving beer.

But why all the fuss? What’s the difference between cask and keg?

That old adage, “they don’t make them like they use to”, rings true when it comes to cask. Cask ale is a beer at it’s best and purest form that gives a gentler level of carbonation, a rounder mouthfeel, and since it is unfiltered, usually shows a slightly more complex flavour and aromatic profile to kegged beer. It is considered a live product due to yeast sediment in suspension which conditions the beer naturally. Keg’s while presenting a beer almost brewery fresh can’t compete with the changing and evolving complexity of a cask ale.

Welcome to the past where some things were made better!

Join us for monthly Cask Tapping Ceremonies. Keep an eye on our Facebook events for dates.

#SheLovesBeer Collectables Series 2017

Meet The Brewers

#SheLovesBeer Collectables Series 2017

Join us and taste five limited edition beers, specially brewed for five extraordinary women! In celebration of International Women’s Day 2017! The SheLovesBeer Collectable Series 2017!

R2 of each bottle sale is going towards a bursary aimed to create opportunities for women in the beer industry.

Participating breweries and their muses:

Agar’s Brewery brewed for Refilwe Motau
Apollo Brewing Company brewed for Fabrizia Degli Esposti
Copperlake Brewing Co. brewed for Sally Hatfield
Drifter Brewing Company brewed for Tasha Mentasti
Mad Giant brewed for Beverly Cosslett

FOURWAYS – 01 March 2017

LONG STREET – 08 March 2017

Be the first one to get a taste of the limited edition SheLovesBeer Collectables Series 2017!

Five unique beers that each have a story to tell. Available exclusively through The League of Beers and Beerhouse, officially launching March 2017.

R2 of each bottle sold goes towards a bursary fund for women to study Brewers Craft.

Reaching your potential: Growing with Beerhouse

Part of our company wide objective to recruit and develop quality people that believe in and can execute the Beer Revolution’s vision. We are constantly looking at ways to empower our people and their development is always a priority.

Fanent "Comrade" Thabiso - proud as punch.

Fanent “Comrade” Thabiso – proud as punch.

We are very proud to announce that two of our managers have completed their UCT Restaurant Managers Diplomas via Get Smarter. Congratulations to Fanent Thabiso and Michael Cain who passed the course with flying colours. The short online course has equipped these already very capable managers with more tools to excel in their roles at Beerhouse. Michael has been with our Fourways venue for two years and has shown that he is an astute leader. Fanent was one of our original employees three years ago at Beerhouse on Long. He was one of the best waiters that we have ever had the privilege of working with. He showed great initiative and was a team player. He has developed into a great leader who is very well respected by the staff and his senior managers.

This is Mike smiling. No really it is. Very chuffed.

This is Mike smiling. No really it is. Very chuffed.

The course covers topics such as, Safety and regulations, Menu planning and costing, Financial administration, Interpreting budgets, controlling costs and increasing sales, Managing a team, Training and Human Resource and  Dealing with customers: Online and offline.

Dear Chloe-8082

The fresh Presh of BH.

Our awesome ‘Admin Fairy’, Preciouse Katsande, who has become a major driving force in our Social Media & Marketing team has just passed a Social Media & Marketing Course via Shaw Academy with a distinction. She is also completing her  Honours in Integrated Organisational Communication with a focus on Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing and Communication Research. All the while working full time at Beerhouse Fourways. Way to go Presh, we are proud of you.

We are also very proud to announce that two of our dedicated and loyal Navigators have been promoted to the management teams at Long Street and Fourways. Prince Garpare and Frank Ngoma have been long serving and have applied themselves to all challenges. Not only are they fine young gentlemen but they take initiative and have helped drive Beerhouse forward. We look forward to your continued development and love that you are able to have a space to reach your undoubted potential. Keep growing with us and enjoy the ride.

Prince of Beers

Prince of Beer

Frank Ngoma

Frank (ly) he loves beer

All managers will be starting this month a internal management course developed by Beerhouse. The first module covers Leadership and staff engagement. The course that is made up of multiple modules including, people management, communication, menu planning and costing and  deeper understanding of how a manager can effect the bottom line with their day-to-day actions will run over the next six months. We are very proud of our internal training as we continue to improve all facets that come together to empower and educate.

If you wish to join the growing team and reach your potential then Join The Beer Revolution. 


Variety is our Business


The Guardian of Purity

The Guardian of PurityThe old guardian takes a long deep breath and steadies his once strong and now-weakened frame. The bright flickering of dancing candles lights up his old battle-worn face with eyes that have seen   all five hundred of his candles.  He is exhausted but seems content, a content that comes from a life of purpose and resolution.
The old man has been watching over and protecting something that generation after generation has held dear.  He has held steadfast through famines, floods, pestilence, plagues, revolutions and wars.  In all his purity, the old guardian has only been at rest for the last 29 years of the last five hundred.  He now contemplates whether his guardianship can come to an end. He remembers the last 500 years of devoted service.
He was charged with this great duty of protecting ‘The Purity’ in 1516 when the evil was closing in on lands that were under siege from  insurgents hell-bent of destroying ‘The Purity’.  The guardian was a strong and mighty man who was well respected in his land.  He drove out the insurgents who defiled purity and wielded authority that would hold at arms-length this black mist of adulterated and contaminated philosophy. He remained wholesome and untainted by the immorality.

However, the philosophy he protected was no longer ‘The Purity’ that all in the land looked up to.  Philosophy had changed; the world had changed and the purity he protected was now seen as draconian and deemed to be stifling. The once evil impurities were no longer at the gates, fended off by new powers of the new world. His once-loyal army was now turning away from ‘The Purity’ and his knights looked past the magical elements of hops, malt, yeast and water.

In his five hundredth year is it time to open the gates? Are the evil insurgents of spoiled amber nectar no longer a threat? Has his mandate run its course? The “Purity” is and will be forevermore in the protection of the people.

Will Sir Reinheitsgebot finally take leave of his post and relinquish his guardianship or will this great champion of “The Purity” remain as a legacy of craft?  Either way the world he has been protecting is grateful for his tenure and he will be forever remembered as the ‘Guardian of Purity’. His knight Sir Wolfgang and Shield Maiden Imke remain champions of the Great Guardian’s legacy.

Happy Birthday and thank you, old guardian.

Cheers for the beers.




Reinheitsgebot Purity Law

This year marks 500 years since the Reinheitsgebot was decreed in the southern state of Bavaria. The “Puirty Law” was passed into legislation to protect the production of beer. Only three ingredients were allowed in production, malt, hops and water. Yeast was added later when its existence was discovered. While no longer actual law, it is still regarded as an important tradition and for many brewers a guideline on how German beer ought to be made. Before its official repeal in 1987, it was the oldest food-quality regulation in the world.  Its detractors say the law has passed its usefulness and hinders innovation and Germany’s ability to adopt modern beer trends that utilize ingredients contrary to the purity tradition. Germany’s slow uptake of the new “craft revolution” compared to USA and UK is said to be directly related to this tradition.

Meet The Brewers: Darling Brew

We welcomed Darling Brew’s Head Brewer Felix Magdziarz, to Beerhouse on Long for our flagship food and beer pairing event, Meet The Brewers. Thrilled guest and media enjoyed a boozy journey through six of Darling Brew’s beers accompanied by the guiding gastronomic hand of Chef Roy MacAskill.

Darling Brew have recently moved into their state of the art brewery and have unleashed a plethora of new exciting beers. Felix has been tasked with experimenting and tweaking the brews. They now have 14 different beers of which six were tasted at the even  including the lovable breweries’ classics such as the founding Slow Beer, Bone Crusher and new and improved Black Mist (many guest’s favourite of the night). They also got to taste three new brews, two of them collaborations. The Long Claw Saison and Desert Dragon Oat Ale brewed with Brazil’s Sunset Brew and UK’s Sambrooks Brewery respectively. Last but not least an exclusive tasting of Darling’s brand new soon to be released War Lord Imperial IPA.

If you love beer, food, education and a good laugh then you don’t want to miss our next Meet The Brewer event. Our next event is in Fourways on Monday 25th April with the same line up of Felix and the Darling Brews. Get your tickets from Quicket. Or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to win tickets.

Oh yes and thanks to Roly for the great pictures of the food and beer taken on the night. Pictures so good it won him a bottle of each of the brews tasted.


Slow Beer - Surf & Turf.
Bone Crusher - Deviled Egg Long Claw, Salmon and Corn Chowder Black Mist - Choc Lime Peppadew Poppers Desert Dragon & Mussels Warlord - Carrot Cake