Sundays are our favourite day. We love how everybody is relaxed from the weekend and pop in and out for a few beers, some food or maybe a Sunday session. Well we have just the thing for you to wind down the weekend and keep that smile firmly intact. Those Monday blues never seemed so far away.

From now on Sundays will be our Rock & Roast Sundays. Every Sunday at 12 noon we start serving roasted choice cuts of meats with all the traditional roast trimmings and the chefs home made Sunday sauce for Sunday lunch and dinner.

From 5pm we will have live acoustic rock to keep you foot tapping and your soul jovial.


One Comment On “ROCK & ROAST SUNDAY’s”

  1. Toni Stohen | On February 13, 2015

    Please keep me updated alllllll your events and special days..
    am starting a blog, am a genuine FOMO sufferer!! LOL
    Enjoy sharing deets of amazing places/stuff happening here in the Mother of all cities.. FB/Twitter fanatic!

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