Rare & Limited Bottles: #102 Triggerfish Black Marlin

I was lucky enough to do a tasting of the next beer in our Rare & Limited Bottles range at the brewery of Triggerfish. The Triggerfish Black Marlin is special amongst the South African beer market in that it achieves what many of the newer local brewers struggle to accomplish: BIG beers.triggerfish-black-marlin Triggerfish-Logo It’s easy enough to jump up the ABV on a stout and call it ‘imperial’ but to make a truly accomplished imperial stout takes making a beer that brings a big presence to your pallet, something the Black Marlin does perfectly. It pours pitch black with a thin, tan head, carrying a strong, fruity aroma that gives away the 10% ABV. The mouthfeel is that of creamy velvet with an initial taste of sweet, dried fruits such as raisins, plums and dates that carries into a mouth-filling sensation of flavour. The finish is slightly tart as the strong alcohol flavours dissipate, leaving your tongue longing for that sweet warmth again, making this a very more-ish beer. The Triggerfish Black Marlin is an absolute stunner of an imperial stout from one of South Africa’s best established breweries.

Check out the Triggerfish Black Marlin on RateBeer here.

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