Rare & Limited Bottles: #112 Mad Giant Punk Hop

The next beer on our Rare & Limited selection comes from another South African brewery by the name of Mad Giant and they are starting to make a splash in the local market with beers such as the bold Punk Hop.picture20140801095837_600x600q80 Audacious branding brings some real attitude to a brand that has the beer quality to back it. The Punk Hop pale ale is the perfect summer ale for the South African summer. A healthy, white head sits upon beer of a rich, golden colour which reels you in with a beautiful nose that releases an explosion of tropical fruit such as mango, litchi and pineapple. The use of a healthy dose of hops in combination with a low malt content create a very light mouthfeel despite the high carbonation. On taste, light biscuit and honey notes give way to fruit flavours resembling a fruit salad from a tropical island. A crisp finish leaves you wanting another sip as this summer ale is both refreshing and thirst quenching. This is another fantastic effort from the next big name on the South African beer market.

Check out the Mad Giant Punk Hop on RateBeer here.

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  1. Gumisai Joshua Tami | On October 18, 2016

    Do you by any chance have a placement for an apprentice trained fitter and turner machinist trained by Delta Beverages Zimbabwe and has extensive experience in operation and maintanance of state of the art high speed bottling lines and also has vast experience in maintanance of brewing plants?

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