OktoBEERfest 2013 at the Beerhouse on Long

We snuck in our our first annual OktoBEER fest on the 31 of October. To all those that are familiar with the great Munich event will know that ironically the festival is actually starts in late September and continues for 16- 18 days. To the locals the event is actually called “die Wies’n which means fair grounds. It truly is the Disneyland for beer drinkers with massive beer halls dotted among roller coaster and bumper car rides. Six million people attend the event where traditional Bavarian beer and food is grandiosely celebrated. The beer halls themselves are hives of beer drinking excitement and sociability. Traditional songs are played by OOmpah bands with audience participation a site to behold. OktoBEERfest #8

Although we are a 365 day a year beer festival it would have been be rude not to have thrown a #OktoBEERfest party considering our roots in traditional beer halls. We have taken all the positive aspects from traditional European beer halls such as OktoBEERfest #3the social inclusive atmosphere and thrown in a massive variety of beer from around the world. Our OktoBEER fest was a great night where guest were treated to South Africa’s best OOmpah band that belted out traditional sing a longs as well as more recognisable contemporary pop with a traditional Bavarian twist. Our lovely Frauleins  served eisbein, pretzels and Ginger bread hearts. We provided 5l table kegs of imported German Beer as well as how normal range of SA craft and imported beers.

Our Beer loving guest really took to the #OktoBEERfest atmosphere, soon they were on the tables clinging glasses and signing with suitable gusto if not entirely the right words. There was much merriment and the 5l Kegs flowed as well as our 20 taps which had treats like Paulaner, Maisel and Erdinger Weiss. For those that join us a big DANKE is needed as you made the festival atmosphere come alive with youR participation. The party was such a success that we are already planning a a week long festival in 2014. Until then PROST!OKtoBEERfest #7 OktoBEERfest #6

oktoBEERfest #5




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