MEET THE BREWERS: Gallows Hill Brewing Co

**** This Event has been postponed to the 21st July ***************

This months Meet The Brewer event will be with Christoff and Schalk Marias from Gallows Hill Brewing on Monday 23rd June. A doctor and a structural engineer have taken their love for home brewing and made it a commercial reality. They are not under the usual pressure of new breweries to turn volume and strike a cord with the mass market. This affords them the space to make beers they feel like making and like drinking. Which makes their beers dangerously delicious.

As always there will be a free tasting of a range of their beers and an optional food pairing. Tickets for optional food pairing available via or just call (021) 4243370 to book a spot for the free tasting. Limited space for this popular event.

They have been experimenting with different hop combinations in there Pale Ale and IPA and have recently  launched a sherry casked aged porter. Gallows Hill Brewing Co. aims to produce small batch, full-bodied, hop filled, more flavourful, all natural &interesting beer of exceptional quality to discerning palettes.

Beer used to be unique and positive part of communities. Unfortunately this disappeared thanks to the marketing & volume driven approach adopted by some of the mega-brewers.

Gallows Hill Brewing Co. Beers are all virtually handmade from an all-malt mash their hand crafted brew house – an example of the simple, traditional brewing methods of old.

“We make beer deserving of a certain attention. Beer that forces you to confront and consider what you are drinking. Most of our beers are hop forward and not shy in the bitternesses department. Some have warming alcohols and full bodies of malt. Others are crisp, dry and refreshing. All with lengths and depths of flavour” Gallows Hill Brewing Co

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