Wear the Colours! Watch the Goals! Drink The beer

Football fever is upon us! There cannot be any doubt that the beautiful game will excite. The 2010 hangover is no longer and its now time to pass the baton to our samba loving friends across the Atlantic.

Enjoy the games at our house of beer. There is no better place! Beer, Big screen and … well…. Goal Goal Goal. The house to watch it all fold out!! It must be the Beerhouse on long. Messi, Ronaldo, Klose, Yaya,  Hazard, RVP and yes dont forget Stevie G – will be in life size on our screens all in the shadow of the 99 bottles. Wear you team colours and if they are victorious- we give you free beer from that nation if represented by 99 bottles if not we will throw in a ringer.  Bring the Noise!!

World Cup Beerhouse Fixtures

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