Pint For A Purpose – Buy Beer @ Beerhouse and Fight Hunger!

Beerhouse is proud and excited to announce a partnership with Leo District 410A of the Lions Club International and Cape Brewing Company that will allow Beerlovers to know they are doing good while drinking their beer. It’s that easy: get down to Beerhouse, order your pint of CBC Pilsner or your bottle of CBC Lager, drink it, and then pat yourself on the back.

Proceeds from the sale of CBC beer go to Leo District 410A of the Lions Club International, who will use the money to buy food for various shelters and soup kitchens in the greater Long Street and Fourways areas.

CBC have always been trendsetters in the South African micro-brewing scene, and this initiative is no different. We’re hoping CBC have set the bar for social responsibility, and that other major players in the industry will follow suit. Anyone wanting to get involved can get in touch here. C’mon South African Beerlovers, let’s spread good cheer with our beer!

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