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Beerhouse is very proud to launch its new menu concept which had been in conceptual and production phase for over four months. It brings us immense joy to have this manifesto for the Beer Revolution and are confident it will recruit many more beer-lovers. 

The new menu is an evolution of our original concept of using visual guides to empower customers who are new to the great Beer Revolution to find the beer that will turn them into life-long beer lovers. We are curators of a vast library of beer which is literature from the wondrous world of beer. This literature expounds stories full of aroma, colour, flavour, bitter, sweet, weak and strong for us to ponder. It is our duty as beer navigators to guide beer lovers through this world and this manifesto of beer is a beautiful visual aid.

It contains a Beer Family Tree that links the styles together. A Beer Compass allows you to choose a beer based on flavour profiles such as Light and Refreshing to Dark & Delicious and everything in between. Our popular Tasting Trays, Explorer, Hop Head and Beer O’clock remain vital tools in exploration. The biggest evolution is our 99 Bottle list which has been broken into flavour profiles and linked in style. Visually a stunning addition to the menu. 

When we began this journey over 2 years ago we decided the best way to nurture and curate this revolution was through education. Although we don’t have the biggest list of beers in the world and we might not yet have access to some foreign heavy hitters we do have the best beer menu for curation of styles in South Africa and arguably the world’s best menu visually and of best value educationally.

We were not so long ago included in The 21 Best Beer Bars In The World, where our manifesto was recognized on a global stage:

“The beer list is physically massive, not only because of 20 taps and over 100 bottles available, but also thanks to the pages dedicated to education on styles and local production. The bar’s commitment to highlighting African brews makes it a true standout”.

Our commitment to this is as strong as ever and we welcome you to our Beerhouse On Long & Fourways to see our awesome new menus and discover that beer that will change your life.

A big thank you to all those involved in the production of this new menu. It has been a big project with many hours of toil. In particular Luke Stroebel our resident designer who put this vision together. Randolf Jorberg the Head Dreamer, Jo Slater our proof reader and finally Hot Ink who worked with our vision and made this happen. 

Stay Thirsty, Stay Curious






2 Comments On “World’s Best Beer Menu”

  1. Sagren naidoo | On December 12, 2019

    What is the most expensive beer that you sell

    • admin | On January 6, 2020

      Hi Sagren,

      Our most expensive beer at the moment is a 750ml bottle of beer from Drifter Brewing co. This beer has been aged at the bottom of the ocean and we sell it for R600.

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