Meet the Brewers with John Keeling from Fuller’s

We are proud to host world renowned brewer, John Keeling from Fuller’s in London at the Meet The Brewers at Beerhouse on Long.

Fuller’s Brewery is an independent family regional brewery founded in 1845 in Chiswick, West London. It stands proudly as London’s last remaining family brewery.

Keeling has worked for Fuller’s for 37 years, taking over the role of head brewer in 1999 when previous head brewer Reg Drury retired as brewing director.

John will lead us on a beer tasting journey with his favourite Fuller’s beers, paired with food by Beerhouse’s very own Princess Bulelwa Mbonambi.


This is not one to be missed. Get ready to go on a tantalizing beer and food pairing journey with the following pairings:


Tasting Note:

Sweet raisin, biscuit and dried-fruit notes from the Crystal malt, while fresh, piney herbs emanate from the hops. Rich, smooth and elegant on the palate, it draws to a clean, satisfying finish with beautifully balanced bitterness.

Food Pairing: BBQ Beef Ribs, Steamed Dumplings with Soy Sauce



Tasting Note:

A strong, full-bodied ale that has delighted drinkers for decades with its smooth, mellow bitterness and superbly satisfying finish.

Food Pairing: 

Black fish with rainbow chips, mushy peas and lime aioli.



Tasting Note

Rich, chocolatey London Porter recaptures the brooding beauty of pre-Victorian London. It’s evocative of simpler times but it’s wonderfully complex.

Food Pairing

Reduced cream and mature cheddar mac and cheese.



Tasting Note:

A rich, dark stout that transforms you to a time gone by. London was famous for the stouts in the 19th century – and we’re on a journey to make that the case again.

Food Pairing:

Spiced red fruit jelly with vanilla sauce and nutty white chocolate.




Tasting Note:

Brewed in the authentic style of the 18th century classic. Fuller’s limited edition Imperial Stout is a darkly delicious affair – with and infusion of rose buds giving rise to hints of Turkish delight.

Food Pairing:

Dark chilli chocolate cake.

Joe’s Legacy

Update: 04 September 2017

We are thrilled to let you know that today was Joe’s daughter’s first day at school! She attends the L’école Française du Cap, Cape Town French School. She was awarded a full scholarship that covers her tuition at the private school from Pre-school to Matric (Baccalaureate) and is an effort led by the French School teachers and Beerhouse owner Randolf Jorberg.

Since Joe’s tragic death on the 20th of June 2015, the outpouring of support from the wider community of beer lovers and brewers has been very humbling. Last year we reached our fundraising target of R60000 towards the Joe’s Legacy Fund.


The money raised was put in a fund for his daughter to access when she starts school. With your help this young girl will have every opportunity to reach her potential.

Please feel free to continue to contribute to Joe’s Legacy Fund, HERE.

For more information on Joe’s Legacy please see our previous blog and update below:


One year on, from a senseless tragedy that took the life of our Doorman and friend Joe Kanyona, a sensitive and caring soul, we remember him and look forward to contributing to creating and safeguarding his legacy.

Joe was killed while on duty, protecting us, as he always did.  We are committed to looking after his legacy and exercise this commitment by supporting his only child; his beloved daughter who was only 4-months-old when her father passed away on the 20th of June, 2015.

RIP Joe KanyonaLast year, Beerhouse hosted various fundraisers in Joe’s honour. The proceeds donated by Beerhouse and our generous customers, were used to support Joe’s family. In remembering Joe, we are delighted to announce that his daughter has recently been awarded a full scholarship by the L’école Française du Cap, Cape Town French School. This extraordinary donation covers her tuition at the private school from Pre-school to Matric (Baccalaureate) and is an effort led by the French School teachers and Beerhouse owner Randolf Jorberg.

“Due to her combined heritage of both Xhosa and Congolese parents, she is a perfect fit for the bursary; we have no doubt this bursary, funded by the French School, will give her the otherwise impossible opportunity to shine academically and realise her potential, so critically hampered by the tragic loss of her father”.

“We are convinced her social integration in the school would pose no problem at all as she would benefit from a support network capable of shouldering her tough academic commitments, and be able blend easily into the diverse, multicultural student body of the French School of Cape Town.”  reads a statement from French School Board Committee.

Further, Beerhouse was instrumental in establishing the Long Street Association -soon after Joe’s death. Long Street Association is working hard to keep those who work and visit Long Street safe and employs up to 10 law enforcement officers and security patrols to enhance security on Long Street.

The trial of the three accused of murder and conspiracy to murder of Joe Kanyona will resume again on 22nd June after postponement.

The anniversary

This year, on the anniversary of Joe’s untimely death, Beerhouse will be hosting fundraising events for the week 20th June to 27th June 2016. All proceeds will go to assisting with Martha’s care.

The Schedule of Joe’s Beerhouse Tribute Activity.

On Monday the 20th: Beerhouse will donate all the day’s revenues without any deductions for stock or operating cost to the Joe’s Legacy Fund. We ask our patrons to drink our taps dry.

The ticket sales and proceeds of Meet the Brewers food and beer pairing event on the evening of the 20th will also go to this Fund. Tickets for this event are on sale for R175 at Quicket and include 6  oak aged beers from Innis & Gunn (Scotland) paired with 6 canapés from the Beerhouse kitchen.

The rest of the week, (20th June to 27th June), Beerhouse will offer a ‘Pint for a Purpose’ tap. They will tap beer sponsored by Drifter Brewing Company, Atlantic Storm Brewery, Jack Black, Zebonkey Brewery, Apollo Brewing Company, Cape Brewing Co., Belgian Beer Company SA,Dissident Brewing Company, Red Sky Brew, Devils Peak Brewing Company who have donated kegs of beer to the cause. Breweries, that want to donate their beers for this purpose are asked to contact Beerhouse as soon as possible. All proceeds from the sale of these beers will go towards Joe’s Legacy Project fund.


If you are unable to join us over the week and wish to contribute please donate on our Back a Buddy page. Any additional donations are welcome.

****UPDATE 01 July 2016*********************************************

We have reached our initial goal of fundraising R40K to go towards Joe’s Legacy Fund ( below). Due to the amazing support and generosity from the beer community we still have donated kegs to raise funds with. We will continue our Pint-for-a-Purpose drive into the coming weeks and have extended our goal to R60K. Come drink us dry.



All funds raised will be held in a trust managed by Servo Fiduciary Services free of charge for the purpose to enable Joe’s daughter to cover all school related cost – transport, canteen cost, uniform, school trips, extracurricular activities, etc. If you are in a position to offer her a regular lift from the Goodwood area to Sea Point in time for school, please contact Beerhouse.

“Words cannot express how grateful we are at the outpouring of support that Joe’s family has received to date from the Western Cape and further afield. Joe had a tremendous impact on the Beerhouse family and Long Street when he was alive. His memory and our customer’s support are seared in our hearts and will never be forgotten. It is our hope that we will able to help secure a bright future for Joe’s daughter.” Randolf Jorberg, Beerhouse Owner.


Joe’s Daughters acceptance of bursary letter from Cape Town French.


Long Street is changing

Long Street Invite V04

On 27 February 2014, a group of residents, business owners and representatives from the City Council came together for the first of a series of workshops aiming to develop a community-led vision for Long Street. Indeed the street is changing and everyone seems to hold an opinion of how Long Street should change.

On that day, the room filled up quickly and the workshop got underway punctually at 17:30. It started with an ice-breaker in which everyone was asked to ‘leave their jacket outside’ and strive not to represent their business but rather engage as individuals contributing ideas to a greater good, a greater Long Street. Everyone went around the room introducing themselves by name but refraining from identifying with a particular ‘outfit’ so that participation would be framed by individual ideas rather than businesses with a particular agenda.

Facilitators from Real Life Concepts engaged the group in an exercise to identify a common Identity (what everyone thought Long Street stood for), Image (how people thought the street was perceived by others )and Vision (what the group would like to see Long Street becoming). Interestingly and contrary to what most expected, safety was only prioritised in terms of perception (image) but it was the element of “people” that stood out both in the discussion about identity and that of vision. In other words, the group largely agreed that any changes to the street should ensure the human element in terms of diversity was maintained while security and safety should be improved not through heavy policing but rather through mechanisms that invited more people to populate the street and thus create a feeling of safety.

The discussion was rich and Real Life Concepts is working to put together a report that outlines the main components of that discussion; in the meanwhile, it is worth nothing that ideas on concrete activations were put in place. They included training for security personnel; cleaning sessions with residents; temporary closure of the street, street lighting and Christmas lights, the integration of side streets; more landscaping, putting up flags to distinguish the street, and traffic calming measures amongst others.

We would like to thank the Southern Sun Cape Sun on Strand Street for providing us with meeting facilities for the workshop on the 27th February.

The second workshop will take place on Wednesday 5 March at 11:00 and a different group of stakeholders will undergo the same exercise, please contact if you would like to take part.

Stay thirsty, stay curious!


New Years Eve on Long Street

Happy New Year, Beer lovers!

If this night was a first taste of things to come, we are very much looking forward to celebrating with you on Long Street 2014! Long Street was buzzing all night, everybody was celebrating together, peaceful and safe. This is something we want to see more often, thanks to everybody who made it happen! 20 additional private securities paid for by Long Street businesses, lots of CCID officers and SAPS police officers made sure, that everybody felt safe and could enjoy themselves.

From all the conversations I had throughout the night with security officials, business owners, and partygoers I heard only positive, often enthusiastic reactions to the road closure.

This is an incredible team effort by all stakeholders on and around Long Street. THANK YOU! Mo Hendricks and all of CCID, SAPS and the business owners on Long showed, that they are serious about making Long Street into a safe partyzone and we can use this blueprint going forward into a great 2014!

I asked CCID and SAPS for statements on whether they had any incidents, other than happy people everywhere. I went through the streets and shot these photos – feel free to use them at your discretion, please credit / link to, if you use them online or in Print.

Randolf Jorberg (Beerhouse Proprietor)

Long Street Road closure for New Years Eve


The ONLong business owner association is a collaboration of several business owners from Long Street, Beerhouse being one of them. We identified a number of key areas where we can help improve Long Street, making it into the heart and soul of Cape Town and a more attractive and secure place.

Update: Today on the 30th of December there’s finally the Certificate of Temporary Closure and the following media release by the City of Cape Town:


Portion of Long Street to be temporarily closed on New Year’s Eve
The City of Cape Town has granted an application for a portion of Long Street to be temporarily closed to traffic tomorrow evening, 31 December 2013.
Long Street, between Wale Street and Buitensingel only, will be closed from 20:00 to 04:00.

The following intersections will be affected:
· Loop and Dorp Streets
· Loop and Pepper Streets
· Loop and Leeuwen Streets
· Loop and Buiten Streets
· Loop and Bloem Streets
· Keerom and Bloem Streets

Emergency vehicles and MyCiTi busses will still be able to travel on this route, but it will be closed to all other vehicles. Traffic officials and CCID officers will be on duty to manage traffic flow.
This section of the street traditionally accommodates a large number of pedestrians on New Year’s Eve and the closure was therefore granted as an additional safety measure, following an application by affected businesses.

Issued by: Integrated Strategic Communication and Branding Department, City of Cape Town

New Years Eve 2013 is the perfect opportunity for ONLong to work together to help create the environment that we and our patrons want to be a part of. Previous experience has shown that the sheer number of people coming to the CBD to celebrate New Years causes havoc in Long Street. This is further aggravated by cars moving down Long Street trying to move through thousands of unmanaged people, drinking and partying in the streets, making the road their dance floor.

By voicing our joint concerns and partnering up with CCIDs Security Manager, Mo Hendricks, we approached the Ward Councillor, Dave Bryant, for assistance in escalating our concerns and identifying NYE 2013 an opportunity to make Long Street a ‘No Car Zone’.

Long Street will be temporarily closed to general traffic between 20h00 on Tuesday 31st December 2013 and 04h00 on Wednesday 1st January 2014.

Through ensuring that the only vehicles to travel on Long Street from 8 p.m. 31st December to 06:00 on the 1st January to be MyCiTi we identified a number of benefits to the public including:

  • Increased response time for emergency vehicles
  • Better observation opportunities for security officials
  • Increased control
  • Less congestion reduces opportunity for theft, damage and injury
  • Better experience for patrons on Long Street
  • Increased safety for patrons and local businesses

We came up with a three-pronged strategy to drive forward this closure:

  1. Approach SAPS to support the closure by submitting an application for the closure of Long Street to the City of Cape Town.
  2. Gain support from the Event Organiser of CPT Design Capital 2014 and Ministrel NYE events to extend the scope of their current plans to keep Wale/Long St closed and also close of all side streets leading to Long St.
  3. ONLONG business owners association to provide additional resource to firm up existing resource provided by CCID and ONLONG

We have managed to achieve all 3 of these activities. As part of this application the ONLONG business association has committed to contribute up to 20 private security officers to patrol Long Street on NYE on top of their existing security for their own venues and CCID officers on the road. These guards will be managed over radio by CCID and hired in addition to the private securities of each venue.

beer-new-yearsWe would like to thank the business owners of the following venues to commit to sponsor 19 additional guards so far: Bob’s Bar (5 guards!), The Dubliner (3 guards),  Beerhouse (3 guards), SGT Pepper (3 guards) Jo’Burg, Marvel, Nomnom/Clay Oven, Fiction, Arriba sponsoring one guard each and we are awaiting some more confirmations to get to the 20 guards on duty during NYE. Long Street Venues, that would like to join this effort, are asked to contact us immediately via Email.

By sponsoring additional security guards each business is showing their commitment to making Long Street a safe and secure environment for all visitors and not just those who come to our venues!

Starting this process spontaneously only two weeks ago, we are chuffed, that we got this far in such a short time and thank all public and private stakeholders for their very cooperative approach.

Hayley Slater and Randolf Jorberg for the ONLong Business owner association