New Years Eve on Long Street

Happy New Year, Beer lovers!

If this night was a first taste of things to come, we are very much looking forward to celebrating with you on Long Street 2014! Long Street was buzzing all night, everybody was celebrating together, peaceful and safe. This is something we want to see more often, thanks to everybody who made it happen! 20 additional private securities paid for by Long Street businesses, lots of CCID officers and SAPS police officers made sure, that everybody felt safe and could enjoy themselves.

From all the conversations I had throughout the night with security officials, business owners, and partygoers I heard only positive, often enthusiastic reactions to the road closure.

This is an incredible team effort by all stakeholders on and around Long Street. THANK YOU! Mo Hendricks and all of CCID, SAPS and the business owners on Long showed, that they are serious about making Long Street into a safe partyzone and we can use this blueprint going forward into a great 2014!

I asked CCID and SAPS for statements on whether they had any incidents, other than happy people everywhere. I went through the streets and shot these photos – feel free to use them at your discretion, please credit / link to, if you use them online or in Print.

Randolf Jorberg (Beerhouse Proprietor)

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