Help beer lovers land the perfect job and win a R500 bar tab!

beer-collection-1024x690We are not only building the Beerhouse venue on Long Street, but also busy working to build a real badass beer-loving crew to operate the place. We are currently in the middle of the interview process and already found some amazing people to join our amazing team, but still looking to fill a few positions. To reach this goal, we are now asking you for your help.

Win a R500 bar tab simply for helping your beer loving friends find the job of their dreams!

Make sure they mention your name when filling in the questionnaire and if we end up hiring the candidate you referred to us, you will be rewarded with a R500 bar tab to spend on the 99 different beers we’re serving at the Beerhouse!

We’re looking for the following positions to join our team:

Bartender (Questionnaire)

Chef (Questionnaire)

Waiter/ess (Questionnaire)

Barista (Questionnaire)

Please email your CV to and fill out the questionnaire to apply. But hurry to fill out the form ASAP for a chance to join us right from the beginning. We’re starting our last round of interviews next week and will continue with our week-long training (that includes getting paid to visit breweries and drink beer!) that will start early July and you’ll start your position once we open the doors sometime late July…

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