The great POS hunt – Comparing Point of Sale systems for South Africa

The hunt is over, we tracked the POS for months, followed its every move and studied its habits. We have committed ourselves to a Point of Sale system for the Beerhouse on Long Street.

After carefully researching many options available to the hospitality industry in South Africa. We definitely wanted to go with hand held ordering devices. The pro’s of using these devices such mobility and efficiency  far out way the potential con’s of theft and wi-fi connectivity issues. Our decision was based on both front and back of house capability, its ease of use and flexibility of terms. All options seemed to have the training and support covered. We settled with IKentoo software provided by Tablet POS, a relative newcomer in the market. A Swiss based company whose system is only available in a handful of hospitality venues. It runs on IOS devices so the bulky tills are replaced by mounted ipads and the traditional pen and pad is replaced by ipod touches.

The future is upon us and it would be prudent to move with the times. Come see it in use at the Beerhouse and have a beer while you here, it would be rude not too. Stay Thirsty, Stay curious.

See our internal comparison table below. Scroll sideways to see our winner iKentoo in the last column:

Handheld Handheld Supplied Yes
2 months from Taiwan
Yes Yes
Software can be uploaded on IOS
2 weeks IOS interface  will be ready
Software by Ikentoo
Handheld Pricing R12,215 each R16588.4 each
Lots of added extras
R6490 each N/A R2450 each
License Fee R1800 pa Included Included N/A 1150 pm capped
Hardware Rent or Buy Hardware Buy Buy Rent Buy Rent Buy Rent Rent to Buy Buy
Hardware Pricing R59,895 once off fee R192683 R5952.07
24 months
R77145 24043 deposit
R2946 (incl.) pm
R54490 R8375 upfront
R4500 pm
R8375 upfront
R4500 pm
4 Ipad – R18600
4 ipad stand – R7800
4 Ipod touch – R9800
5 Printers – R12200
Total = R48400
Software Rent or Buy Software Rent Buy Rent Rent Evergreen Rent Buy Rent Rent to Buy Rent
Software Pricing R14200
Annual License
R16560 Included R2570 – pm SW & HW
Refurb  – R2766
R39500 R3030 /36
months 30 day
Same as above R1150 pm capped
Software License Fee Included in above R3450 Included Included R640  pm Included Included Same as above
Back Office Software Included in software pricing
Easi Stock = R4000
R15000 390pm Included  R4000 Included Included Same as above
Training & Support Training Costs PoS – R2,500 per day
Easy Stock – R3,000 per day
Included First and second day trade
Off site training for BOH
5 days on site R9625 R550 per hour
8 Hours = R4400
Support Initial on site support, 24/7 telephone
support, call out R700 – R1000 (out of hours)
First Day on site
24/7 support
24/7 call centre & call centre,  out of hours call out
R400, included in rental
24/7 telephonic / remote support,  call out charge R400
first hours work
24/7 online service
24/7 call out support
First 24 hrs of trading
Additional Information Installation Costs R19,750 Included R10000 R12860 R7500 Installation R3250 R2350
Features and/or Benefits User friendly interface
and self train mode
Handheld Robust and proven.
Very Good BOH SW
R15000 discount
Cheap monthly cost with 90 day clause
Program tills – training.
Finger Print. – staff hours included in software
Purchase HW/ Rent SW = no contract 30 day notice.
Flexibility. Minimises initial costs
Purchase own hardware at affordable costs.
Flexibility. Hand held interface and back of house usability
  • Handhelds due to arrive in 2 month and
    therefore have not seen.
  • Have not seen back office demonstrated
  • Barcode printer available at additional
  • Cant get Hardware without
  • Will be able to use Windows
    tablet end of year.
  • Evergreen Rent Refurb equipment
  • 6-12 months old – don’t break down
  • Old POS Hardware resale value poor.
  • Vida Cage use  GAAP
  • Handheld demo available
  • Handheld s interface tested but not used yet –
    available in two weeks for iOS.
  • Rent Software – In Time Module  incl.
  • Because 1st – potential discounts
  • UPS Consultation
  • Option to customise back of house.
  • Modern technology
  • 30 days written notice to cancel.
  • All data stored in cloud service.

45 Comments On “The great POS hunt – Comparing Point of Sale systems for South Africa”

  1. Michael | On July 14, 2013

    As Murray has mentioned, we’re new into the South African scene, but have a strong presence in Europe, with agencies in France, Switzerland, Germany and Italy so far…

    We have our software in at Cafe’s, Mobile Coffee Shops, Boutique Coffee Shops,Fine Dining Restaurants, Boutique Motels with a Restaurant presence, Bakeries, we are busy with a big Wine Farm and are still growing into the various verticals in the food industry.

    Our software is scalable in that we can cater for a small 1 terminal enterprise or a bigger 4 POS terminal and 4 mobile device site (as per the Beerhouse), we are cheaper than all our competitors and hungrier to add to our userbase.

    For any queries please contact Michael 082 415 9866

    • Thandiswa Peter | On March 10, 2015

      I have heared about the ankerdata and apparently it works much better than micros but i dont have enough information.Please tell me more about it as the place that i am working at has a problem of internet network when it comes to micros , so do you think ankerdata will work better or not?.

    • Mark Herd | On August 26, 2017

      What is the cost for 1 x POS and 1 x Back Office software for a wine boutique?

    • Rohan Pretorius | On June 22, 2018

      Thank, you so much for this study. I needed an un biased take on Point of sales in SA.. For more info on Ikentoo don’t hesitate to email me on

  2. Johann Bosman | On July 16, 2013

    …any reason why you did not look into Micros systems;
    They’ve got several customers that make use of Hand Held systems and offer brilliant Hospitality Solutions?

    • Chris Van Heerden | On February 9, 2017

      why don’t you get a quote from our point of sale company we offer great prices and ensure the best for our customers, no other point of sale can match us when it comes to support and looking after the best interest of our clients. Aloha Point Of Sale. Contact numbers: Vino Pillay 082 493 4505 Chris Van Heerden 060 360 8866. We are the best, call me for any information you require

  3. dagelf | On August 6, 2013

    Traditional POS systems all suck – difficult and timeous to navigate, slow payment systems… urgh. Self order FTW! Swipe to pay. Load credit up-front… easy tabs. DIY. Self serve!

  4. Pieter van Zyl | On September 9, 2013

    It would be worthwhile to look at Pixelpoint. It is affordable and packed with functionality. Yet it is easy to use and very stable. One of the top brands in the world.

  5. Andrew | On November 2, 2013

    Hi Murray,
    Thanks for the sharing this information.
    We use Aloha which is short on functionality.
    Did you consider any other IOS systems like Aireus, Revel or VendHQ?

    • Michael | On December 29, 2013

      Hi Andrew

      I have looked into Revel, Aireus and VendHQ, besides many more Mobile POS solutions and eventually choose iKentoo as the product I wanted to be involved with.

      It is South Africanised ( by my input) and because it written in Switzerland, support is in the same time zone as SA, that is important, as VendHQ for example is a time zone away,
      I have been asked to support their product as well but don’t even want to get into a situation when 1 of my customers are down but I have to wait till the next day for support.

      Because iKentoo originates in Europe and their market is extremely mature, it has features which helps me to stay abreast of POS trends at a fractions of the costs for current local POS vendors.

      If you would like a friendly chat about anything POS related, please give me a buzz, 082 415 9866.

  6. Stephen | On January 30, 2014

    Hi Guys

    Same old same old POS solutions for the last 20 years, but can body remember Task Manager and Quest hardware, Samford Software is just as old as Micros and everybody wants to reinvent the wheel

  7. Sabelo mbatha | On July 25, 2014

    Please can you quote me a POS terminal machine it must come with a SDK, I need it as soon as possible I am using FNB account

  8. Anthony | On October 6, 2014

    How about a South African mobile android point of sale.

    Challenger pos is a complete pos for shops, restaurants etc and starts at R45 per month.
    take a look at

    it is very easy to use, complete and cheap.
    Runs on 1 or more phones or tablets.

  9. Tebogo Ramanyimi | On November 13, 2014

    Hi, I’m opening a shisanyama and want both complete software and hardware system for POS and front office. I also need a scale that connects with pos.

    • Nomzamo | On June 23, 2016

      Hi Tebogo,

      I know it has een a long time. Have you found what POS that you wanted. If not, please contact me on info@….

      • admin | On August 15, 2016

        Dear Nomzamo. Please contact us, if you want to advertise here.

  10. Werner | On February 3, 2015

    I stumbled upon this by chance. Our POS system is FREE. No licenses. It has all the functionality that MAJOR POS systems have, it runs on tablets and.. we have a secret that NO ONE in S.A. offer. Have a look out for our product in restaurants, perhaps you will join the evolution in having the BEST.

    • Vijaya Subramoney | On February 13, 2015

      Please can we have more info on this.. am always wary of the word “free”.. lol

    • Thando | On March 2, 2015

      Hi Werner,

      Can I have more information regarding your POS?

    • Neil | On April 28, 2015

      Interesting discussion – but no information left on the “free” software.?
      The major problem we are faced with is the integration of the POS with accounting software? Anyone with suggestions?

    • Manoj | On July 27, 2015

      Hi Werner,

      can i learn more on your system?

    • Eddy van Straten | On June 30, 2016

      Hi Werner, tel me more i’m interested.

  11. Harris Mungate | On February 21, 2015

    Hi im not commenting but i would like a demo of your restaurant support systems which should be compatible with credit/debit/master/visa card machines

  12. Richard | On February 26, 2015

    Can anyone tell me if ARCH retail is any good as hospitality POS.

    • Pieter van Zyl | On August 18, 2015

      It is a retail package

  13. Gloria | On March 8, 2015

    How diferent is your pos compared to the same old that other companies already use in south africa?I would like to open my own Shisanyama in my location now im interested in the Pos terminal machine with an SDK is that possible?

  14. Pieter van Zyl | On August 18, 2015

    I have just discovered Pixelpoint POS. Compared to other POS systems it offers everything I need. Besides it can run on tablets only as well giving you more than any other tablet POS can offer.

  15. DinePlan | On February 8, 2016


    I have come across one called DinePlan

    You can take a look at as well. Very stable platform though

  16. lucy | On May 19, 2016

    kindly advise if you have POS Software for Android to be used for Pharmacy purposes. We are urgently in need of the same to be used on Android Multi-Function Intelligent Terminal POS with model T508A.
    Waiting to hear from you soon.
    Thanking you in anticipation.
    From Zambia.

  17. Lester | On May 24, 2016

    I’m looking for some POS system program that I can use in my business.Please tell me what POS system is better in Arkansas?I want to know for sure.What do you think about this POS system?

  18. Suzy | On August 11, 2016

    I never heard about IKentoo before. This will be worth to find out. I’ve been scouting for a new POS because our present POS is alreasy 9 years old now. Is this available in US?

    • admin | On August 15, 2016

      I’m sure you can find that out at yourself. And I’m sure you don’t mind, that I deleted your URL, as it clearly showed, that your ‘business’ is not using a 9 year old POS, but is rather a related business trying their luck at SEO / link building…

  19. Kay | On August 22, 2016

    Hello Admin,

    Can you recommend restaurant pos software that can work offline on PC?


  20. Brian Dunston | On January 21, 2017

    Zienix POS software is an all-in-one restaurant management system designed to help you build, maintain and grow your business. It is available on several different hardware devices such as PC’s, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Zienix POS software is configurable for Restaurants and Takeaways, with the option of setting sit-in and takeaway prices.

    • Marko | On September 21, 2017

      I used Zienix for a couple of months now, it’s awesome. It really helped my small business/takeaway after I tested a couple of POS solutions that weren’t that good. 5 stars Zienix, good job!

  21. Ico Schutte | On January 24, 2017

    We just started using Ikentoo, And I have to say I am extremely disappointed. Its the worst Stock take procedure I have ever seen..

    • Kajo | On March 7, 2017

      Dear Ico
      Have you taken this up with Ikentoo before crucifying them on a social media platform?

    • Ico Schutte | On March 14, 2017

      Since my previous comment the guys from Ikentoo have gone out of their way to help us streamline the stock take procedure. This has been a great help.

  22. Adam Partis | On April 19, 2017

    Hi Guys, nice debate going on here, I would like to announce that TouchBistro is available in South Africa and it is the number 1 ranked restaurant point of sale system in the world – – it runs on iPAD and is the complete package. Feel free to contact us via our website – As a special introductory offer we are giving 10% off your first years subscription for customers who sign up before the end of June 2017

  23. Pieter van Zyl | On August 17, 2017

    Linga POS is also a good solution to look at. All bells and whistles. Have a look at and Free software also possible. Have a look on youtube. Full supplier control, which is normally not well developed on cloud based solutions. Automated stock warnings.

  24. Nadia Redbath | On August 22, 2017

    Recently discovered Linga iPad POS. Works well and has automated e-mail messaging which I use. Easy to use and cost effective for multi-branch scenarios. It offers ample reporting with support 24/7. We have chosen to add their on-line ordering Zenpepper.

    Choosing a POS system could be daunting and stressful but this time it turned out well for us.

  25. Tems | On November 7, 2017


    Has anyomne heared about a POS system called microinvest, it is been sold by a company called nts online, I am thinking of getting a software for my small restaurant, I need something that is affordable and effective.


  26. Glenn Miller | On August 2, 2018

    5 years later Murray, is it not time to see how the PoS offerings have changed?

    What remains as crucial as ever is full stock control, recipe management, prep variance reports, raw material usage, actual vs theoretical consumption, and full P&L. Your money is in stock, and prioritizing that over fancy tech has let to many a restaurants’ downfall-we’ve seen this again and again.

    Cloud remains with us, as does the [subjective] benefit of table side ordering.

    We see cloud benefits being remote access to back office functions, and critically, immediate access to pertinent metrics, anytime, and from any device.

    • Murray Slater | On August 11, 2018

      You read my mind, I believe that an update is very much needed. We continuously evaluate POS options and are currently looking at what seems to be a promising solution. Watch this space.

      Not sure what you imply (subjective) benefit of table side ordering?

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