Stay Cool Cape Town


High pressure water – it wont dilute your beer

So the Celsius is going to be nudging the 30 mark. Cape Town is starting to feel a bit like summer. In the battle to stay cool we have as always cold beer. We have added to our armoury a misting system to cool down our sun drenched balcony. The misting system is quite simple really but is working a treat. High pressured water is forced through a tiny hose and then through and even tinier nozzle. The water that escapes comes out in mist form and evaporates before it settles. Each nozzle – of which we have 22 – puts out 1.7 litres of water an hour. The result is a cooling sensation which takes the heat out of the day. Sometimes the simple things in life are the most rewarding – the same could be said about beer. Stay Cool Cape Town.

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