Johannesburg is calling for a Beerhouse, we listen!

99-bottles-of-beer-on-the-chalk-wall-beerhouseUpdate: initial search was successful and the second Beerhouse opened in Fourways in July 2014! We are expanding all over Africa, if you know good locations in Pretoria, Johannesburg South, Sandton, Durban or Stellenbosch please let us know!

Original post from December 2013: Since we opened in Cape Town in August 2013 it got apparent people do love and buy into our idea of beer variety. Since opening, we are also approached by customers visiting from elsewhere asking us to come to Johannesburg, Durban, etc to build a similar place and this is certainly a wish, we are happy to fulfill.

Communicating so openly is not the usual approach to expanding a business, but this is the Beerhouse way. Beerhouse started with a late night crazy idea and only became a reality, because we got exciting feedback from potential customers – why shouldn’t we base our expansion on the same foundation?

Beerhouse founder Randolf Jorberg asks you to contact us, if you know incredible venues available soon, distribute beer variety, see yourself as a seasoned hospitality expert wishing to be part of something new or got that spare million lying around, that you want to invest into an incredibly exciting venture, please contact us ASAP! If you want to own a Beerhouse and invest into a fresh hospitality brand, read here

For everybody who gets us in contact with the venue (minimum 400 sqm in a central location), that we will end up renting for Beerhouse in your town, we are offering a unique bounty: 99 bottles of beer! You’ll get a voucher good for all 99 different bottles of Beer we stock at each Beerhouse, so please don’t be shy sending us introductions to property developers and owners. With this bounty we are sorry to say, but we don’t have budget for agent commissions, so please real estate agents, don’t try too hard, OK?


Stay thirsty, stay curious!

Randolf Jorberg & team!

3 Comments On “Johannesburg is calling for a Beerhouse, we listen!”

  1. Andi Grossenbacher | On August 11, 2014


    Beerhouse Brooklyn should be your new venture.

    Andi Grossenbacher

  2. Monique De Wit | On August 11, 2014

    Hi Guys are you Franchising?

    I know Pretoria very well and best location will be in the East of Pretoria.

  3. Marlene Brussow | On August 11, 2014

    good day saw your post on face book. you must also look in the Midrand area as it is growing fast and there are not many really nice places to go. I am from a Point of Sale company we were in Midrand but now moved to Pretoria so will keep an eye open for you. if you are looking for a perfect Point of Sale have a look at us some of our customers are Barnyard theaters, wiessenhof coffees and many more.
    have a great week
    083 650 5860

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