Find a venue for Beerhouse Johannesburg and win #99bottles

clarens-beer-festivalWe got a busy weekend ahead. Many craft beers to taste and many locations to visit for the first Beerhouse in Johannesburg. We need your help finding the right location and offer a bounty of all our #99bottles of beer for those that do.

We admit that it is very demanding being a part of the Beerhouse Team, one task we particularly dislike is travelling to beer festivals to sample different and interesting beers and to meet the skilled brewers that make them. But hey, someone’s got to do it!

Friday and Saturday (February 21st-22nd) our Head Dreamer Randolf and Beer Whisperer Murray will be making their way up to the Clarens Beer Festival to complete this arduous task, knowing that they are doing it for the greater good of beer… It seems that there will be up to 17 of the countries top micro-brewers on show and the boys intend to test each one a couple of times at least 🙂

I will be joining them on part of this epic journey up over the pretty mountains through to the Free State and eventually into Gauteng with the sole mission of finding a venue for our expansion into Johannesburg.


This is how we found the venue for the Beerhouse on Long Street. Send us your suggestions for locations for the first Beerhouse in Johannesburg!

We ask that you, our dear Beer Lovers, help us to find the newest addition to the Beerhouse family!

We are eagerly waiting for your recommendations and particularly your introductions to friends or family who either work in hospitality or are property developers/landlords looking for the most awesome tenant or future employer.

Or if you have the perfect spot close to your work or even down the road from your house, then email us the details and/or a picture of the empty space with possible landlords details, if they are advertised somewhere 🙂

For the recommendation that gets us the deal we will be giving away a voucher good for all 99 bottles of beer we stock at each Beerhouse!

So please do get in touch, the team will be available for meetings all day the 24th and 25th February….

Stay thirsty, stay curious!

Hayley – The Empire Builder



Clarens Craft Beer Festival
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