Explorer Badge Graduates

With much pride we recently awarded 8 of our Beerhouse on Long Navigators with their Explorer Badges. This award is the result of months of training, which included studying our service manual and being tested on our Beerlover’s Journey, beer styles, tasting and appreciation, a history of beer and the identification of faults in beer.

To earn this badge – after months of training – a Navigator has to pass a written theory test that evaluates product knowledge. A high pass mark of 80% is set to ensure the Navigators that do pass really know their beer.

Aspiring Explorers then get a visit from a mystery guest who evaluates them via an online form on their ability to serve in line with our service bible “The Beerlovers Journey”. The criteria are tough, and the Navigators really have to pay attention to detail to pass this test. These small but important tasks include having the beer label always facing the Beerlover, table maintenance, pouring techniques, eye contact and other service standards that we want Beerhouse to become an industry leader in. If our first high-scoring Graduate class is anything to go by, we are heading in the right direction.

Congratulations to Fatty Mawji, Matt Wolfe, Romy Sharp, Janine Van Wulven, Derreck Mafoti, Hesan Appavoo, Candice Rollings & Bianca Dempers. You all worked extremely hard to make the grade, and you are now Beerhouse Explorers. Your knowledge and standards mean you are some of the best-trained hospitality (and particularly beer hospitality!) staff in the country, and of this we are very proud. Next up is your Hop Head Badge, which will take you even deeper into the wonders of Beer Land.

Hot on the heels of Beerhouse on Long, our Beerhouse Fourways team have just completed their tests, and 13 Navigators will be evaluated by mystery guests this week. We are looking forward to our next Explorer badge graduation!

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