How BEERHOUSE fought for and got #NoCurfewOnNewYearsEve!

Beerhouse launched the #NoCurfewOnNewYearsEve petition 3 days ago and after nearly 10,000 signatures, a crazy run of media appearances and lobbying behind the scenes, the SA government finally announced the end of curfew for good one day before New Years Eve!

We want to celebrate this together with all party- and beerlovers and prepared the best vibes and drinks for you! Join us #atBEERHOUSE (Long Street or Tygervalley) for a party from 5 pm TILL LATE (2 am in Tygervalley, 4 am in Long Street!).

To get there, we had to launch not only the petition but also to go around the media circus to reach out to citizens and decision makers and got the following coverage:

The combination of an impactful petition and diverse voices from various spheres of society made this campaign effective. Many church-goers and the DA opposition joined the #NoCurfewOnNewYearsEve war cry and gave their own story and angle to ours. Today, Thursday at 2 pm I received the first messages from a trusted friend in Johannesburg, that we might get a surprise present and by 8 pm it was confirmed after a special Cabinet meeting and made global headlines later that night…

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